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Which is better, Audi or BMW?

by Furqan Ashiq 14 days ago in product review

A rivalry between the Audi and BMW has stayed prevalent between the years over fans of the cars.

A rivalry between the Audi and BMW has stayed prevalent between the years over fans of the cars. While this rivalry has continued, Mercedes has also been added into the mix by fans due to the elegance of the car. Both brands of cars have styles that are Luxurious, SUV cars and even both created certified programmes that are loved over the entire globe. A lot of the time, people end up buying both cars for various different reasons, but what are these reasons?

Often, the cars that are compared the most are the Audi A4 and the BMW 3 series, another comparison fans make is between the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.

In this blog, we will discuss which is better, Audi or BMW, taking into consideration what the differences are, which car is more reliable and which has lower maintenance costs.

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What are the differences between Audi’s and BMW’s?

You may have noticed that both Audi and BMW share similar components to other cars, this is because they are in fact a part of car groups. Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, which owns Audi, along with Porche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti. Similarly, BMW owns Rolls-Royce and Mini. BMW owns a wider variety of engines, yet Audi offers the most popular engine, which is the inline, six-cylinder engine, which is incorporated in the 3 series and X5. BMW also has great inline engines, theirs being 4 cylinder V6 and V8 designs. Both of the engines in the cars are turbocharged, meaning they use the gases from the engine exhaust to spin a turbine which forces fresh air into the engine, increasing its power.

You will find Audi and BMW dealerships all across the UK, BMW having 150 dealerships, whereas Audi has 164. Both brands declined in sales during 2020, partially due to the pandemic. Audi and BMW sales declined by 8% during 2020, in comparison to the previous year.

Which is a better car, Audi or BMW?

Audi’s have gained popularity through the years for their fun, powerful and responsive drive. On the other hand, BMW is renowned for its investment in all-wheel-drive technology, which is often on the majority of their cars. There is no doubt that Audi’s have a great design, but in recent years, BMW has taken their design to a new level and is becoming quite the competition to the rival brand.

In recent years, BMW has made great efforts to create a more eco-friendly future by focusing on offering more electric vehicles than Audi. This point alone has made people switch from Audi to BMW and it has given people a glimpse into what the future looks like.

In terms of exterior design, there is nothing that comes on top more than Audi. The sleek and slender design of the car makes it stand out from the crowd, without looking boisterous. The Audi is also designed to suit both men and women, with its fresh aesthetic.

What is a more reliable car, Audi or BMW?

BMW takes the lead when it comes down to the reliability of the two cars. BMW cars recently received an above-average rating for reliability. On the other hand, Audi achieved just an average rating of reliability.

Which car has lower rating costs, Audi or BMW?

Audi comes first with lower rating costs, although BMW does have some hidden benefits. Both BMW and Audi are some of the most expensive brands of cars to upkeep over the first 10 years of use. During this period of time, BMW’s cost their owner an average of £17,800 in maintenance which includes the price of labour and parts. On the other hand, Audi only costs its owner £12,000 on average, which includes labour and parts. For BMW this cost includes the fact that they give owners of their cars free scheduled maintenance for the first 3 years or the first 36,000 miles which include complimentary oil and filter changes.

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