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What should we pay attention to when repairing a car?

by Y.W. Fung 3 months ago in how to
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For old drivers who have driven for a long time, they all know that the car is damaged, no matter what brand of car, as long as it has undergone major repairs, it is basically only one step away from scrapping. And many cars obviously have a little fault, but in order to make money, the merchants have turned on the cheating mode, but you must know that the assembly of the car is very precise. The key components of the car are a big deal, so how can we effectively prevent the car from getting worse and worse?

Classic Case

Here I need to remind all friends who drive to be cautious and cautious when it comes to repairing cars. Don't believe the teacher's words and think that it's okay to repair cars. Take the following netizen as an example.

This netizen's car had a small problem, so he asked a friend to find a 4S shop to repair it. The 4S shop said that since there are currently no accessories for the right wheel caliper, it will take a few days. After the car is repaired, the shop will also The owner will be notified in time to pick up the car. After all, the other party is also a regular 4S shop, so netizens still trust their technology, so they did not check when they picked up the car, but they always felt that something was wrong with the steering wheel.

When the netizen drove the car out of the door of the repair shop, he suddenly found that the turn signal switch seemed to be malfunctioning, and it was still swaying. After arriving at the safe place, the netizen called the maintenance master and asked him what was going on. The maintenance master said that they had not repaired the position of the steering wheel, so if it was broken, it must have nothing to do with them, except In addition, the maintenance master asked netizens to drive the car over to take a look at noon.

Netizens rushed to the repair shop as soon as they finished lunch, but faced with the current problem, the repair shop not only did not help to think of follow-up solutions, but instead blindly shied the responsibility. In the end, there was really no way, netizens could only call their friends. Come over, after all, friends are also the management of the repair master, and their words are definitely more effective than their own.

After the friend came, he asked the maintenance master to turn on the steering wheel, and it turned out that the base of the ignition switch was broken. In this regard, the maintenance master said that there were cracks here before. It may be that after the car was repaired, the netizen turned the steering wheel. The base is broken.

Netizens are very angry about this, because he has been driving this car for several years, but the steering wheel base has always been in good condition. But the repair shop still insisted that it was not their responsibility. In the end, netizens also admitted that they were unlucky, and they spent money to buy accessories again.

It can be seen that the phrase "the car is repaired" is definitely not groundless, so everyone must pay attention to it at ordinary times. Next, I will give you a few methods that can effectively prevent the car from getting worse and worse.

Don't mess with the engine

Engines are assembled according to strict specifications. If it is some luxury brand, the engine of the car is still assembled in a 100% dust-free cold environment, so generally speaking, as long as the owner regularly checks the engine according to the regulations Maintenance, then there will be no problem.

What's more, the engine is the key part of the car. As long as it is disassembled and repaired, even if the parts can be completely assembled later, the gap between the parts cannot be the same as before, so it is easy to cause safety. hidden danger.

Choose quality accessories

When we need to replace auto parts, we should choose the original parts as much as possible. If we can't find the original parts, then we should try to choose the accessories from the sub-factory that meet the quality standards. In this process, we need to polish our See, after all, today's auto market is a mixed bag, and there are too many shoddy parts.

And everyone must not ignore this problem. It is the so-called pulling one hair and moving the whole body. Even if it is a small screw, as long as it is unqualified, it will be buried for the next vehicle maintenance after a long time. An indefinite time bomb, and the subsequent outbreak is only a matter of time.

keep an ordinary mind

In fact, after driving a car for a long time, it is very normal to have some slight abnormal noise or jitter, just like when we step on the brake pedal for a long time, there will definitely be a slight abnormal noise. This is a normal phenomenon. , There is no problem at all, so everyone should not think that there is a problem with the car, and send it directly to the repair shop for repair.

After all, even if they are highly skilled repairmen, they can't assemble the various parts as precisely as they were when they left the factory, and once they start repairing a certain part, they will enter the repair mode, and maybe there will be another one next time. Which part needs repairing.


In fact, cars are just like people. We should adhere to the way of repairing instead of maintenance, and avoid major repairs. At the same time, we must also pay attention to daily car maintenance. When the time for maintenance is stipulated, we must go, and Don't choose some substandard accessories just because you are greedy for some small cheap, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

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