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What is The Pet Travel Policy for Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines Pet Policy

By Austin Levine.Published about a year ago 4 min read

Delta Airlines offers a convenient and comfortable way for pet owners to travel with their furry companions. Recognizing the importance of pets to their owners, Delta allows them to accompany their humans on select flights. With a commitment to the well-being and safety of animals, Delta ensures that pets are handled with care throughout the journey. Whether it's a small dog, cat, or household bird, Delta customer support at 1-844-414-9223 provides dedicated pet travel options, including cabin travel and cargo services, to accommodate different needs. Passengers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their beloved pets are in good hands when flying with Delta Airlines.

What does the Delta Airlines pet policy state?

Delta Airlines pet policy outlines the guidelines and requirements for traveling with pets. Here are some key points:

• Delta allows domestic dogs, cats, and household birds to travel on certain flights.

• Small dogs, cats, and household birds may be allowed to travel in the cabin with their owners, subject to size and weight restrictions.

• For larger pets or when cabin space is unavailable, Delta offers cargo services for safe transportation in climate-controlled environments. Additional fees may apply.

• All pets must have the necessary health documents and meet the entry requirements of the destination.

• Pet owners should contact Delta Airlines in advance to make reservations for their pets.

• Fees apply for both cabin and cargo travel, and they vary depending on the destination and travel options as per the Delta Airlines Pet Travel policy.

What are the kennel requirements as per Delta Airlines flying with pets?

Delta Airlines has specific kennel requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of pets during travel:

1. Size and Construction: The kennel must be constructed of a sturdy material, such as plastic or metal, and must have a secure latch or locking mechanism. It should be well-ventilated on at least three sides.

2. Measurement Restrictions: The kennel size should allow the pet to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably. The pet must be able to do so without touching the sides or top of the kennel.

3. Leak-Proof Bottom: The kennel must have a leak-proof bottom to contain any accidents or spills.

4. Adequate Ventilation: The kennel should have ventilation holes or openings to ensure sufficient airflow for the pet.

5. Door Closure: The kennel door must securely close and latch to prevent any accidental openings.

6. Identification: The kennel should be clearly labeled with the pet's name, owner's contact information, and destination details.

How to add my pets on Delta Airlines flights?

To add your pets to a Delta Airlines flight:

• Check Eligibility: Ensure that your pet meets the eligibility requirements specified by Delta Airlines.

• Make a Reservation: Contact Delta Airlines directly to make a reservation for your pet.

• Provide Pet Information: During the reservation process, you will need to provide details about your pet, such as its breed, size, and weight.

• Understand Fees and Documentation: Familiarize yourself with the fees associated with traveling with pets on Delta Airlines.

• Prepare the Kennel: Label the kennel with your pet's identification information.

• Arrival and Check-In: Arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight to allow enough time for check-in procedures related to your pet.

What is the charge involved with flying with my pets on Delta flights?

The charges for flying with pets on Delta Airlines can vary depending on several factors, including the type of travel (cabin or cargo) and the destination. Here's a general overview of the fees involved:

1. Cabin Travel: For small dogs, cats, and household birds allowed to travel in the cabin, the fee is typically charged per one-way trip. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the fee for cabin travel within the United States and Canada was $125 USD/CAD, and for international travel, it was $200 USD/CAD.

2. Cargo Services: When pets are transported in the cargo hold, the fees are calculated based on the weight and size of the kennel, as well as the distance traveled. Fees for cargo services can vary significantly and may be higher than cabin travel fees.

It's important to note that these fees are subject to change, and additional charges may apply for specific destinations or circumstances as per the Delta pet policy. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding fees for flying with pets on Delta Airlines, you can call 1-844-414-9223.

Whom to call to reserve my pets on Delta flights?

To reserve your pets on Delta flights, you can contact Delta Airlines directly. The best way to make a reservation for your pets is to call Delta's dedicated pet reservations team. They will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary information and assistance. Here are the contact details to reach Delta's pet reservations team: Delta Pet Reservations Phone Number: 1-844-414-9223

When contacting Delta, it's recommended to have all the relevant information about your pets, such as their breed, size, and weight, as well as your travel details, including the destination and preferred travel dates. This will help the Delta team provide you with accurate information and assist you in reserving your pets on the desired flights.


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