Top 10 Unpleasant Things Uber and Lyft Riders Do When Using the Service

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Top 10 Unpleasant Things Uber and Lyft Riders Do When Using the Service
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So we’ve all heard different, weird, and all kinds of crazy Uber and Lyft stories from both drivers and riders. While the service is very affordable, and convenient compared to the traditional taxi service, it’s absolutely unbelievable how there could be so much drama involving riders and drivers that you never think would happen to taxi drivers. In addition, with all the political and financial news going on with both services going public in the stock market, it seems that every day something new is happening in the world of ridesharing. Having friends who drive for both Lyft and Uber, I have had heard their fair share of crazy Uber and Lyft experiences, and the obnoxious riders they had to deal with. Unlike some of those riders, when I myself use the service, I just get in, play games on my phone, put on my headphones to listen to my music, get to my destination, and call it a day. If the driver opens up a conversation, I have no problem engaging in a friendly chat. Also, I pay attention to where I’m going in case the driver may make a wrong turn somewhere if they are not familiar with the area. Today I’m going to go over some of the most annoying, but yet very common things riders do when they’re using the service based on the stories I have been told. These acts tend to cost riders money, time, and a very bad rating which in return, will not work in their favor since some drivers do not pick up riders with certain ratings in order to avoid a negative experience.

#10. Typing in the wrong pickup/drop-off location

This right here is a common mistake that riders make. Now I can understand that there are some circumstances where someone may be at a commercial location, and is unable to get the right address for their pickup location, however I have heard plenty of stories about riders putting in the wrong address for their home, which makes no sense whatsoever since most people usually memorize their home address. Now I have some friends who may use their neighbor’s address in order to keep their home address private, which I can understand, however, they make it a point to go and meet the driver outside as soon they show up on the map, or the moment they get that phone call. As far as drop off goes nothing is more annoying than thinking the trip is coming to an end, only for the rider to say “ Oh my drop-off location is down the street” which usually tends to be an extra five minutes away from the original drop-off location. This right here will definitely get you a three star or below depending on how friendly the driver maybe, or whether he/she is having a bad day. Whether you’re trying to save a dollar or two, or you’re just unsure of the exact drop-off location, it’s best to be as accurate as possible. As I said before, you may be unfortunate and end up with that one driver who will tell you to get out of the car, and walk the rest of the way. Other incidents may include issues with the app itself which brings me to the next problem.

#9. Not checking the address when using the Current location feature

This is supposed to be a convenient and easy method to use especially when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere, or in a city you know nothing about. The problem with using the Current, or the My Location feature is that sometimes it doesn’t always drop the pin at your exact location. Sometimes it will place it one street over, or at an entirely different place. While most people do not like the idea of approaching a stranger, and asking them questions regarding their whereabouts, one way to get around this issue is to google the location of a business nearby, and match it to your location. I suggest using the physical address of any business such as a gas station, a pharmacy, a grocery store, or any office with a company name plastered on the front door as your pickup location. As for using this feature for your home pickup, I would advise not using it. If the driver is having an issue getting to my location, I will communicate with the driver, so he/she isn’t driving all over the place looking for me.

#8. No communication between rider and driver

As I previously stated, sometimes there are issues during the pickup and drop-off process, however, any issue can be avoided, as long as there is a line of communication between the rider and the driver. Calling is safer than texting, as most drivers may not take their eyes off the road to read a text, but will take the time to answer a phone call. Communication is very important, especially if the driver has to go through a gated community, or if you are aware that your location is difficult to get to using the GPS.

#7. Not using the express pool service correctly

I hear this is most common among Uber drivers than Lyft drivers since Uber has this express service, which saves riders not much, but a little bit of money if they walk to meet the driver at a suggested location. This issue I hear about the most is that drivers tend to get to the location before the riders, then have to wait on them to get there. Sometimes, they’ll get to the location, do not see the passenger, and then leave, which then cost the rider both the fare, the ride, and time as now they will have to re-book another ride. When using this service be sure to keep in touch with the driver. Let them know how far you are from the pickup location as some drivers may drive to you, instead of waiting around. Now some individuals may not know their directions as far as which way is north, south, east, or west. Therefore, if you’re meeting the driver on the corner of an intersection and you do not know which corner to go to, be sure to look for the car with the Uber sign or Lyft amp on the dashboard, and verify the driver.

#6. Being late for a scheduled pickup

Once again no one likes to waste time waiting around, and the rideshare drivers are no exception to this. Even though riders are charged wait time, drivers hate sitting around waiting for a rider. On the flip side, riders hate waiting for drivers who are down the street, but then take wrong turns around the neighborhood only to arrive 20 minutes later. If for any reason, my driver arrive at my place before I was ready to go, I make sure to call him/her, and let them know that I will be out, and then try to make it there before their timer on the app expires, and they get to leave while I get charged the pickup fee. As a rider who uses this service, I do not book a ride until I am ready to go. The waiting time for Uber and Lyft drivers is usually way less than waiting for a traditional cab. So I rather wait five to ten minutes for my drivers than book it early, and have to rush to leave if they arrive sooner than I thought.

#5. Asking the driver “Did you not see me waving at you?”

Being polite can go a long way. Nothing can start a ride off on a negative vibe when a rider calls a driver, or gets in the car with an attitude only to ask the driver” did you not see me waving at you?” Obviously, if the driver has seen you, they wouldn’t have passed you only to drive back to pick you up. Sometimes, during bad weather, or even at night, riders can be hard to spot unless they have the green light from their phone to signal down the driver. Regardless of the situation, always check your attitude before getting into someone’s car.

#4. Asking the driver to turn up the volume on the radio to the max

I personally find this annoying. Sometimes I get in a car, and the radio is a bit too loud in which I will ask the driver to turn it down a notch, or if a song I like comes on, I’ll ask them to turn it up a little bit. First and foremost not everyone has the same taste when it comes to music or anything else. What one finds amusing, another might find offensive. Even if you both have the same taste in music, not everyone likes to blast off the radio so loud to the point where anyone a block away can hear you coming. For this reason, I prefer to bring my own headphones, and listen to whatever I please, while paying attention to my surroundings, and the driver, that way I can stop what I’m doing, and answer any question he/she may want to ask me regarding my trip.

#3. Using racial slurs and/or other derogatory euphemisms

All right now, this is not very common, but it happens here and there. Sometimes I’ll look on social media, and stumble upon articles and posts regarding riders offending drivers while using racial slurs, degrading and derogatory euphemisms. This type of behavior should never be tolerated. Riders caught doing these acts, in my opinion, should be banned from using the service on both platforms. If one cannot conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner, then they should not be given the opportunity to use a public service where you have people from all corners of the globe sharing this same service. I’ve heard this one story of a rider getting into a physical altercation with another for this exact reason. The driver had to report the incident, however, nothing can erase that negative experience. We are living in a time where people are more connected now than ever before, and the exposure to different cultures and ethnicities is inevitable, unless one plans to spend the rest of their life hiding under a rock.

#2. Being extremely intoxicated

Being highly wasted is more dangerous than annoying. Ok, so you and some friends choose to go out and party. You guys have a few drinks, laughs, and overall had a great time. There is no reason to be so intoxicated that one, you cannot even identify your ride, or who your driver is, and two you can't even get into the vehicle without stumbling all over the place. I’m sure by now most people have heard stories about riders making a mess in drivers’ cars only to get charged a huge cleaning fee from Uber and Lyft. In addition, this takes time away from the drivers as they have to stop taking in requests and clean up after a passenger. In addition, being highly intoxicated is dangerous, especially if a rider is alone. I’m not going to get into the dangers of what could transpire when someone is alone and highly intoxicated. As we all should know by now there are individuals out there with really bad intentions who will not hesitate for a second to take advantage of anyone who is unable to handle themselves while extremely drunk. It’s always a good idea to go out with friends, or at least be aware of your limits. Uber and Lyft have done the public a great favor by being there, and help many people get home safely, eliminating the chances of getting a DUI by driving under the influence, car accidents, and even deaths due to drunk driving. The service is there to help us, however being responsible when you’re out drinking and partying only reduces the odds of getting yourself into major trouble.

#1. Being very rude when suggesting an alternate route

So no one really likes a backseat driver, and sometimes riders take this to a whole new level. The driver will pick up a rider, and instead of following the suggested route on the preferred navigation app, the rider would insist on taking a different route. Now there is no problem in suggesting a different route, especially if it’s a shortcut, and it would save the driver time. However, the annoying part is being a backseat driver, making last-minute suggestions, and last, but not least, catching an attitude because the driver did not take the route that you thought was the fastest. Some people are not good at managing their time. They like to rush everything and everyone around them. If you’re going to suggest an alternate route, it’s usually best to do that early on the trip. Don’t assume the driver will know about your shortcuts, as some drivers may not even be from your local area, and are not familiar with the roads there. Also, don’t be rude to the driver just because they took the route suggested by the navigation app. This is the best way to get a low rating after the trip. When you’re on the road, being reactive always work against you. Be proactive and let the driver know ahead of time of changes before the vehicle starts moving.

Well, folks, these are some of the most annoying things I found that drivers deal with when they’re out servicing people. Lyft and Uber will be around for quite some time. Until the day comes when we have robotaxis on the road where we won’t have to care about offending or annoying a machine, it’s wise to keep a positive and friendly attitude towards the people who are making a living getting us home to our families safe, and keeping us out of jail from getting a DUI after a fun night in town.

Spencer Jean-Mary
Spencer Jean-Mary
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