The Wonderful World of Car Accidents

Witness all its destructive, legal, and magnificent glory.

The Wonderful World of Car Accidents

You are driving down the road. You are a new driver and you couldn't be more excited to adventure the roads and see what the world of cars has to offer. This is something that we all can relate to, being lucky enough to be able to grow up with something that has four wheels an engine and a steering wheel.

After going through hours of personal time, taking tests, and practice you are able to legally drive in the United States. But with great reward came great responsibility. You are now in control of a giant metal missile in which you can accelerate to speeds as high as 100 mph. Unfortunately, with how cars are designed and how we use them for day to day life, cars tend to come in many different shapes and sizes. This means we end up with many different types of opportunity for car accidents. Understanding the risks involved with different cars/accidents can only make you a better driver.

The Various Versions of Car Accidents

An important thing to realize is that every motor vehicle accident is different. Each one involves different people, cars, and scenarios. Each issue, with its own set of rules for legal liability and negligence. The different types of accidents can include:

  1. DUI Accidents: These type of accident occur when the person behind the wheel is under the influence of any drug or alcoholic substance or any mind-altering consumable. This is a felony and results usually in the death of the victim and not the person under the influence.
  2. Head-On Collisions: This is simply where two cars collide on the front end of their bumpers. Nose to nose and heading in the opposite direction.
  3. Parking Lot Accidents: These accidents usually happen when people are driving in reverse or turning into a spot. It is very important to always check your blind spots or use a backup camera.
  4. Hit and Runs: In my opinion, this is the worst you run the risk of getting extremely hurt and you may have no evidence at the end of it all. The police will have to get involved in this case and very possibly a car accident lawyer.

The Life-Changing Results of a Motor Vehicle Accident

Crashing into another car or getting crashed into is a traumatic experience for anyone to undergo. The infrastructure of our cities are slowly improving over time to lower the fatality rates, but the same time, we cannot rule out human error. Moving at high speeds and crashing into a tree or light pole will cause a much more severe injury than crashing into something that can move or is moving with you. Some injuries that can result from an accident could be:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injuries: TBIs are known for hiding the damages done unless the crash is severe. A concussion could show symptoms hours later, which its why it is important to see a medical professional ASAP following an accident. Once you see a doctor and have some testing you will know with utter safety that you are okay. If you are worried about medical bills, have no fear. Lawyers and insurance claims are here to help sort all that out.
  2. Spinal Cord Injuries: Due to the sudden stops from a crash, you are left victim to whiplash and back injuries. If you cannot move after an accident, don't. Wait for medical officials to arrive on scene and allow them to give you an assessment.
  3. Broken Bones: During a collision the car isn't the only point of impact. There is actually three. One, when the car hits your car. Two, when your body hits the car. Three, when your body hits something else in a different direction due to the force.

Be safe out there.

At the end of the day, your safety is all that is important. The fact that you are a defensive driver and all intact is what counts. For new drivers, take your driver's ed seriously and practice safe driving (AKA defensive driving). For the more experienced ones, always remember to pay attention to the road, no matter how comfortable you get. It only takes a couple of seconds and a mistake to cause an accident unintentionally. Practicing safe driving is the best thing you can do. In Massachusetts alone, 16 percent of fatal crashes in 2009 involved distracted driving, according to a motor vehicle injury law firm Sweeney Merrigan stated based on a study done. If you are ever in trouble, remember to use any medical professionals you need, and if not at fault, hire a legal car accident attorney to help you obtain a great claim.

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