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The 5 Most Common Symptoms of a Loose Alternator Belt

by Car Service and Repair 4 months ago in how to
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Are you aware of the signs and symptoms of a loose alternator belt? A dead battery caused by a defective alternator might sadly result in a MOT failure. As a result, it is advised that you check MOT status of your car and schedule an appointment with your local technician to diagnose and repair the problem.

The 5 Most Common Symptoms of a Loose Alternator Belt

An alternator is a small electric generator that is powered by a serpentine or alternator belt. Its purpose is to obtain AC, which is then converted to DC by some big diodes within the alternator. This DC is stored in the vehicle's battery and used to power all of the components.

Since the alternator generates the energy that powers everything in a car, any fault with it might impact engine performance or, worse, result in a dead battery.

If a faulty alternator results in a dead battery, this, unfortunately, could also lead to an MOT failure. The reason for this is that the MOT examiner will not be able to carry out the necessary legal checks required. Due to this, it is recommended to check MOT status of your car and book your car with your local mechanic to diagnose and repair the issue.

If you go through your documents and check MOT history of your vehicle, most likely this was a reason for failure in the past. If this is the case, check to see if you have any old invoices relating to this issue and what repair work was carried out. The reason for this is that there could be other components that could be the reason for this fault reoccurring.

The 5 Most Common Symptoms of a Loose Alternator Belt

The car alternator, which is located on the front side of the engine, has a belt that rotates when the electrical charge is sent to the battery. Because the alternator is attached to one or more pulleys, the belt keeps them looped around.

Over time, this belt wears down, causing it to become loose, defeating the goal of the pulley's commencement.

There will be various warning indications if this occurs. If you observe these loose alternator belt symptoms, don't ignore them since failing to respond might result in the car being shut down. To avoid being in such a situation, book your car in with your local garage in Reading and allow a car mechanic to fully diagnose and repair the issue.

The following are the 5 most common signs of a loose alternator belt:

1. Squealing Noises

When starting the engine, a squealing noise for a few seconds might indicate that the alternator belt is sliding. When you start the engine, the alternator needs to work harder than at other times to re-charge the battery. The belt gets more difficult to spin as the demand for energy rises. When the alternator is working properly, it is not a drag, but a slipping belt will be louder. The condition of a slipping belt will only deteriorate, resulting in a breakdown or a car that will not start at all. We recommend searching online for a car service near me and book your car with a qualified vehicle repair and maintenance garage to fix the problem.

2. Battery Light Illuminated on Dashboard

A loose alternator belt indicates that the battery is not receiving enough power. As a result, it's understandable that the battery's red light will illuminate if the alternator isn't supplying enough power. Keep in mind that the red light does not always signify a battery problem, but rather a condition that impacts the battery.

3. Blinking Lights

When the car is operating, blinking headlights or fading cabin lights signal an alternator or battery problem. The problem will remain if the alternator belt slips before the lights turn out fully.

4. Dead Battery

One of the most common loose alternator belt symptoms is a dead battery since a slipping belt implies little or no power to the battery. When this happens, the battery will utilise its stored electrical charge to power up all of the car's components and the battery will be used in a flash, leaving it dead.

5. Stalled Vehicle

A dead car might be the next stage after a dead battery. When there is no power source, the engine shuts down and your car comes to a complete stop. This is something you don't want to happen since it would be unsafe on a busy road. So, if you're experiencing other slipping belt symptoms, take action.

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