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Social Media After A Car Accident

by Sarah Johnson 6 months ago in social media

Do You Really Need To Take A Selfie?

Social Media After A Car Accident
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Stop Right There!

Have you ever posted something to social media you wished you hadn’t and then deleted it right after? Of course, you have! What is the first thing you want to do when something good or bad happens? Post it on social media! There is always someone out there, whether you have met them or not, who wants to sympathize with you, share your pain, or even offer unsolicited legal advice. Not posting on social media, under these circumstances, is like trying to avoid the deep end of the pool when you can’t swim. You really want to, and you know you should, but it’s too tempting, you just have to see if you can do it!

Your fingers twitch to quickly type out the sad details of the loss of your beloved car on the latest social media app. You want to let everyone know that you are alright, and the car accident wasn’t your fault. It may be really tempting to post something, with hi-def. pictures and all, but the best bet is to avoid it at all costs, whether you are hurt or not. The risk isn’t worth it. Contrary to popular belief social media isn’t the answer nor is it perfectly safe. Stop and think!

Avoiding the Possible Fallout

Turning to social media after a car accident can actually hurt any chances you have to possibly win, especially if you are injured in a car accident. If you aren’t solicited by a handful or more of lawyers wanting to represent you, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs. And they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t tell you, first and foremost - Don’t! Post! On! Social! Media! No posting on social media? For how long? My friends will think I’ve died! I can’t do it! You say, “But I’ll be careful. I won’t post anything about the accident.” Unfortunately, that could still backfire on you. Timelines can be tracked just like cellphones and you could weaken your own story and lose your case just on the basis of what you post.

There should be a handbook on social media with the dos and don’ts associated with it. If you go out and google “social media after a car accident”, thousands of hits come up, mostly from lawyers wanting your business. They pretty much all say the same thing. Don’t! Post! On! Social! Media! Just clicking on one of those links will give you a list of things to avoid in reference to posting. They also provide warnings and possible outcomes that could happen were you to post your car accident. Do you think your posts are private? Think again. No matter what your privacy settings are if needed, there are certain people in authority who can get access to your information, your posts, and the pictures of you having fun running around on the beach when you should be in a neck brace and sacked out on the couch watching reruns.

Tips for the Social Media Texter

Do you want to win your personal injury case? Of course, you do! However, you won’t do that if you post something about your accident that can be used against you by the opposition. Even if you are not harmed, you are cautioned to not post anything about yours or anyone else’s car accident. The repercussions could very well be catastrophic for you if you are depending on getting anything back from the other driver’s insurance company. The other side of that is, if you take pictures of a fatal car accident and then post them to social media, there is a possibility that the person’s family may see them. Your “passing by” selfie post, could take a nasty turn that won’t be pleasant. Car accidents are not entertaining or entertainment for the joy of others. Think before you press the button.

Finally, if you have been involved in a car accident, the bigger consensus is to temporarily close your social media accounts. This is by far the easiest way to protect yourself. Ask your family and friends to not post about the accident either. Information, no matter where it’s located, can be discovered if need be. If you decide to take the risk, first discuss your decision with your attorney, then remember to watch what you say and do, change your social media settings, and don’t discuss the accident…at all. Social media is both a blessing and a curse and when it involves a car accident, all could be lost with just the push of a button.

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