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Protecting Cars Through Security Systems

What You Should Know

By Kevin GardnerPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Cars are an expensive investment that pertains to one's livelihood. It gets most to work, school, and other places far from home. Cars help people with chores and various tasks. Of course with the ease automobiles bring people who purchase them, there are certain worries. The pricey possession can become stolen or damaged and most people would then invest security system to protect their cars.

What is Car Security

Car owners can protect their cars through different security measures. What is a security system for cars and vehicles? Car Security systems are also referred to as a Vehicle Security System. The systems are based on a car's recognition of the keys. Moreover, engine control units know the key. Security systems will lock down, sound an alarm, and alert the owner if someone is attempting to rob the car.

Car keys and buttons are the systems that can keep the vehicle much safer.

The Types of Car Security

There is a variety of car systems that work to protect the car. Three major ones are car alarms, car trackers, and immobilizing systems. Some of these systems can prove difficult to bypass security.


Car alarms are a form of security installed during the construction of the car. The alarm is meant to discourage thieves from stealing the vehicle. The alarm, when triggered, will let out a high pitch noise that will carry itself within the area it is parked. The alarm would alert the owner and anyone else within the vicinity of the alarm. The only way, however, for this alarm to trigger is when the right conditions are met. Some conditions are forcing the door open, kicking the car, breaking a window or anything else. The alarm would sound unless the thief had somehow obtained the keys to keep the alarm quiet.


Trackers are another form of securing vehicles. The tracker is based on the GPS of the car. The car trackers will give owners real-time tracking information on where the carjacker may have taken it. These trackers are easily set up and linked to a cellular device. Not only that, some trackers give frequent updates on where the car has gone or been through. Some cars will automatically have trackers and security systems of the sort to protect the vehicle. Other cars would require professional installation. If the car was stolen, then the tracker is a decent way of reclaiming it once again.


Immobilizers are a type of security system that only happens if everything else fails. If they manage to avoid setting off the car alarm, all the thief would need to do is to hotwire the car. This is if they know how to hotwire the vehicle. When the thief hotwires the car, the immobilizers would activate; the systems are meant to stop the car if hotwired. The car will recognize there isn't a key in place of the ignition.

The types of immobilizers:

  • Transponder keys
  • Fuse cut-offs
  • Disabling the Fuel
  • Disabling the Sparks
  • Kill switches

These types of immobilizers will keep the car from moving.

Other immobilizers work in tandem with the car alarms. Tracking devices work with tracking devices.

The Importance of Having Car Security Systems

The importance of having one or two of these systems installed is increased safety and stopping car theft. Losing a means of transportation would cause anyone to stress. It would bring the stress of trying to find a ride, trying to learn bus routes or cabbing everywhere. Having a car security system will save time and money. People will have peace of mind knowing their cars are traceable. There are systems out there to prevent thievery. With all this knowledge, car owners can know that their cars are safe not only at their place of residence, but anywhere.


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