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First rental car

Mic Test 1, 2, 3

When my car blew a gasket, I did not trust driving it anywhere, not even on the streets. I needed to find a way to get to work. My cousin suggested renting a car. So, I went online and started comparing the rental prices. I chose Enterprise since it was not too far from where I resided. I reserved the car online through their app which made it simple and painless. It was a bit costly though because I did it for a whole month straight, but riding an Uber would have cost more at forty dollars per ride, which would total to eighty dollars per day.

I arrived at Enterprise and the clerk showed me to the car. I followed him with my bag in tow containing my driving necessities. It included my steering wheel cover, a car phone holder and my three-inch booster pillow. The pillow is more of a security thing. Because I am short, I am unable to see past the hood of any car. It helps me greatly. I was hesitant about taking out my pillow because I was embarrassed and did not want the clerk to think anything of it.

While getting myself situated, I asked him if there was anything else I needed to do. He handed me his tablet and asked me to initial and sign the documents. I signed and initialed them. Still feeling unsure of how to drive this high technical car, I asked him where the gas tank lever was and he showed me where it was. I, then, asked him where to exit out of the parking lot. He pointed the way and off I went. Of course, it was my first time doing this, so it was just like going on a field trip minus the company. Before I drove away, I prayed and hoped to get to work safely since I have never driven a Toyota before and it was so different compared to my old car.

This car was smooth and quite fast, too. I had to step on the pedals lightly because they were sensitive. I stepped on the pedal and I am instantly going eighty miles per hour. Holy moly! That scared me! As opposed to driving my car, I can control the speed I am going as I press on the gas pedal harder. But not this one, just a tap and I am on a rocket ship getting beamed up, Scottie! And on that note, I made it work with no problem.

However, I had one issue when I arrived at work. With not having enough practice with parking, I was not confident. I did manage to park the car, but I did not do a good job because I was too close to the car next to me on the left side. I was a bit frustrated because I wanted to adjust my parking but I did not want to risk hitting any cars. Then, it was time to stretch a bit and find a way out. I hopped over to the passenger side like a circus performer hiding into a table sneakily. I, then, exited that way which was successful and challenging.

I rented the car for three days: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. On that last day, I had drunk too much water at work. I thought I would have been all right if I went enough times to the restroom before heading out. I decided that I would only drive sixty-five miles per hour this time on the way home just to be safe and it was also Friday. So, here I am driving like molasses, and I started to feel my bladder filling upon as if a gutter on a rainy day. Oh man, let me tell you! I wanted to speed up so bad but I held my ground until I got home. I prepared my things and got out of the car. All I kept thinking was that I needed to make it to the bathroom as soon as possible while trying not to do “the dance.” I chuckled to myself. I turned the key in the front door and accidentally slammed the door to the wall. Oops! But, it was such a relief after what seemed like the longest drive home.

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