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How to get stains out of the convertible top

by Rechard Jons 2 years ago in how to
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How to get stains out of the convertible top

If you are looking for this kind of information, then you must be opulent enough to afford a convertible. In these times, when affording people are always in pursuit of luxuries and style, convertibles have become the choice of many.

Now, if you have one and you have to take care of it in terms of maintenance and stuff, you should know how it cleans it when stains come on its top. The stains can be due to many reasons, and there can be many kinds of stains.

Let us discuss some of the important methods to get them out of your convertible top.

Common Stains

In daily life, some of the stains that are common are discussed below:

  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • Grease
  • Dirt stains

For these kinds of stubborn stains, you might need a strong cleaning material that can penetrate the area and make it easy for you to clean it.

Convertible types

Honestly, a convertible top cost you a lot of money, like about $1000. So, you have to clean it properly with the best possible method when it gets any stains. You can also avoid this stair using stain proof ceramic coating.

Convertible tops come in different materials. They can be fabric-like canvas or vinyl tops. Fabric-like have a tight weave, but they have a con that they breathe. At the same time, the vinyl tops are cheaper and waterproof.

The vinyl type also absorbs many of the unlikeable elements from the environment, like various gases and liquids (acids). These can cause them to change their color.

For these rather expensive luxuries, if you use cheap chemicals for cleaning purposes like bleach, detergents, etc. they will severely damage them, and you’ll end up regretting your decision.

So, for the cleaning purpose of your convertible top, make a sensible choice.

Cleaning your convertible top

Due to the constant environmental effect, dirt settles in your soft top and affects the outlook of your car. Because if the car is clean and the top is dirty, it won’t be a good view.

Hence, while washing your car or getting it cleaned up, your top would need special attention. So, follow the professional ways to clean your soft top.

Use some non-detergent based shampoo to wash the top whenever you do it. But in my opinion, you should wash your top with this auto shampoo for at least a month.

These shampoos usually contain oil that acts as a dirt magnet, and after applying, it can utterly clean the soft top immediately. There are various products available in the market for this formula.

There is a soft scrub brush used for this kind of washing purpose. In case of some strong stains, you might need to rub them to get them out. Therefore, these brushes are the option. But in order to avoid scratches, you should make sure that the top is wet properly.

The above-described method is generally used for vinyl tops. For canvas tops, you have to try some different procedures. For the sake of that, I would recommend using a microfiber towel.

The towel should not be used for wiping purposes but to blot up the water out of the canvas. This towel will surely provide the best results if used properly.

Cleaning can be a lot easier if the top gets proper care. If you properly take care of your soft top, then you will not have to go through regular maintenance.

Standard procedure

According to M T H Toha (A New Way Forward Expert), Following is a standard procedure to follow in order to clean your convertible top:

  • First, you have to remove the dirt using a soft brush.
  • Then, using a vacuum cleaner, get further dirt out of the top.
  • After that, take your car to a washing area if you aren’t there yet.
  • Apply pressure of water over your top
  • Use the kind of shampoo that I have mentioned above and apply it along with a scrub brush.
  • Now make sure that the top has properly soaked the shampoo.
  • Wait for 5-10 mins at most and after that apply water pressure.
  • If you want to dry the top immediately, use the microfiber towel to soak the water, and remember not to rub it to avoid scratches.
  • When it gets dried up, you will have a really nice cleaned up soft top.

Plastic Window cleaning

Included in your convertible top cleaning, these windows also need a good treatment for cleaning. You have to damp the window and rinse it with chamois. After that was the windows and dry them using a microfiber towel without rubbing.

Care is better than cure

As it is said that most care is better than cure, so if you take proper care of your convertible top, it will not become a load on your pocket. One of the enemies of convertible tops is itself. There are various factors that can damage it, like vibrations or making contact with itself while lowering down.

Try lowering the top half and smooth the top to avoid buckling. Try avoiding the areas and places where the environment is not friendly for them, or if it is necessary to park there, try using some covering sheets.

A well-cared convertible top will fulfill your desire, and at the same time, it will grab the sight of people. If you do not take care of it, it will be like a disguise. So, try to maintain the beautiful look of your soft top.

Final Thoughts

A convertible top is a wonderful landmark achieved by the engineers and introduced for the masses. But for that material, the caring procedures are also available.

If blots or stains come on your top, you don’t need to worry about them in this era of information technology because I am providing you the best possible information to get the job done.

Now, if your convertible top has gotten stains on it and you were looking for ways to clean it, you have read a piece of wholesome information. Try the method I mentioned above, along with keeping the necessary factors in mind without further ado, and have a shiny convertible top as a result.

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