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Honda CBR 150 vs Honda CB150R

by Sid Jhon 25 days ago in motorsports

Comparison between the New Honda CBR 150 & the CB150R

Honda CBR 150 vs Honda CB150R

The Honda CBR 150R and the CB150R have been updated for this year with new colours. Both of these bikes are Honda's best selling models in the 150cc class. CBR is a supersport motorcycle while the CB is a neo-retro streetfighter. They differ from each other a lot and here I am going to compare these two siblings against each other.

Honda CBR 150R

The new model comes in four colour options, black, red, grey and black-orange. It keeps on wearing the LED DRLs, a windscreen, mirrors mounted on the fairing, a sharp fuel tank, split seats and a sharp tail segment like the older version. There have been no major mechanical changes in the Honda CBR 150 new model. Honda will also reveal a Moto-GP inspired Repsol edition of this supersport bike.

The Honda CBR 150 comes equipped with a 149cc single-cylinder engine. It makes 17.1 HP of maximum power and 14.4 Nm of peak torque. It comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox and the engine of this sports bike is fuel-injected that helps in quicker acceleration. Its engine is liquid-cooled that keeps the bike running for a long time without overheating problem.

Its dual camshaft’s position has been revised to accommodate the spark plug in the middle of the combustion chamber. A new crankshaft increases stroke, which should offer better low to mid-range torque. The new CBR 150 is tuned to perform better in low and mid-range compared to the previous models. Due to its six speed gearbox, it also performs decently in the top end.

Honda CBR 150

The Honda CBR 150 comes with telescopic front forks, it doesn't get a USD fork like its sibling the CB150R. At the rear, it gets a hydraulic mono-shock. Both the front and rear suspension on the new model is adjustable which was not available in the older gen model. It weighs only 137 kg that makes it very easy to handle and agile.

It comes with disc brakes at both the front and rear wheels. At the front, it gets 296mm disc brake, while at the rear it gets 220mm disc brakes. ABS is offered as standard in the new model. The Honda CBR 150 is equipped with modern features like LED headlamps and a fully digital instrument console. It also gets engine kill switch and split step-up seat.

Honda CB150R

Unlike its faired sibling, the CB150R is a street cafe racer type bike. Its shares most of the components with the CBR but it looks completely different. The Honda CB150R shares its engine with the CBR but it produces slightly less power. It is available in only three colours and just like its sibling it also offers a lot of modern features.

The Honda CB150R comes with a 149cc single-cylinder engine that is from its faired sibling. It makes 16.1 HP of maximum power and 13.6 Nm of peak torque. It comes mated to a 6-speed transmission as well. The CB150R produces 1 HP lesser than CBR which affects its performance in the real world.

Honda CB150R

Unlike its sibling, the Honda CB150R comes with USD front forks. The USD front forks provide better stability and improve handling and it also looks great. At the rear, it gets a hydraulic mono-shock with preload adjustability. Its weight is only 125 kg which is very light and that is one of the major USP of this bike.

The Honda CB150R comes with disc brakes at both the wheels. It features dual-channel ABS that is a very important saftey feature to have. The CB150R also comes with modern features like LED headlamps and fully digital instrument console.

Honda CBR 150 vs Honda CB150R

The major difference between these two siblings is body type and power output. The CB150R is a naked streetfighter while the CBR 150 is a sports bike. Also, the CB150R produces less power than the sporty CBR. Both of these bikes compete with the Yamaha R15 & the MT-15 in the market.

The CB150R is less powerful but comes with premium features and a more appealing design. While the CBR 150 comes with a powerful engine but misses out on USD forks. You can choose any of these depending upon your likes and dislikes.

Sid Jhon
Sid Jhon
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