Ford vs. Tesla... vs. Rivian?

by James Crawford 11 months ago in electric

Will this be a 2 vs. 1? Or is there more competitiveness between the two partners.

Ford vs. Tesla... vs. Rivian?
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I've been a Tesla fanboy for a few years now, probably three to four years. After recently watching the live stream for the Ford Mustang Mach-E, I think they're finally being influenced by Tesla's disruptive force. Finally, an electric car that's non-compliance, has a very good range, and could actually be quite competitive with the Model Y for model.

Not a "Tesla Killer"

Just wanted to get that out of the way. Sure, the Model Y and the Mustang Mach-E both fall in the same class of crossover/sub-compact SUV, but that doesn't mean Ford has finally made a "Tesla killer". Ford is making decent competition for Tesla, but I believe even these two products will have different types of potential customers.

People going after the Mustang electric revamp will probably want to get this simply due to being fans of the pony-named vehicle or the legacy automaker itself. Not everyone is a fan of Tesla, as innovative of a company as it is. Some people simply like putting their money into familiar, or as some deem as "stable", concepts.

The Electric Truck Race

I've put the completion of this article off for a while, so by now the Mach-E as well as the Cybertruck has been unveiled to the masses. Both Tesla and Rivian now have exposed their electric pickup truck concepts... and Rivian is now looking a bit silly, in my opinion. Tesla's futuristic-looking "triangle" has been deemed as ugly upon first glance by almost everyone, but after you look at it for a while... it grows on you. It gets to the point where all legacy automaker trucks look dull... even Rivian's truck now seems bland. Spec-wise, the Cybertruck is definitely nothing to gawk at. Especially, when they proudly showed off footage of out-towing an F-150 uphill; this followed by Ford calling out Tesla on Twitter... then backing off after Elon accepts the bullish challenge.

It's going to be interesting to see what Ford will finally release for an electric F-150. Are they going to try to beat Tesla's performance with a traditionally-built body on frame truck? Will they simply make an electric equivalent of their F-150 and risk getting mocked by both Tesla and Rivian fanboys alike? If I were at Ford, I definitely would go for the former over the latter.

Still... Ford vs. Rivian?

I agree, but even though they're partners does not mean they can't still have some friendly competition amongst themselves. Unfortunately, Rivian already has quite a decent head start. Throw in the fact that Ford is more-or-less "copying Rivian's homework" and it doesn't take a smart person to realise that Ford has a lot of catching up to do. Sadly, this is the case for a lot of automakers. Fortunately, some of these legacy companies are finally coming around (good on you, Volkswagen!). With Tesla disrupting so many markets (both car and energy alike), if you're not making more-than-compliance electric vehicles... I'm afraid you're on your way out the door and into complete bankruptcy.

It's funny to look back now on some of the companies that originally mocked Elon and Tesla. There's still people today that don't see electric vehicle being a viable concept until at least the 2030s. These same people are going to get a massive wake-up call in this coming decade. With all the amazing vehicles coming out, the rapid advancement in the development of battery technologies (solid state batteries will be amazing) and the constantly decreasing cost of electric car manufacturing... I will be surprised if I'm still driving a fossil fuel guzzler by 2030.

James Crawford
James Crawford
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