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Essential Motorcycle Gears for Maximum Protection

Motorcycle Gears

By Syed ImranPublished 3 years ago 3 min read


This article discusses some of the most essential motorcycle gears with their advantages considering protection, convenience and comfort. All Motorcycle riders need to use these gears for safe and comfortable ride.

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, all precautionary safety measures must be taken, no matter how expert you are. Because, in the case of a motorcycle, it is the road situation, other drivers and weather condition that can pose the greatest threat. To protect not only from the possibility, but also the severity of an injury, protective motorcycle gear is a must for every rider. Good motorcycle gears are designed not only to safe or reduce the injury level in case of any accident, but also defend from sun, rain, debris, noise and extreme weather conditions.

We have compiled a quick list of essentials motorcycle gear, which every rider needs for maximum protection.


Helmet is the single most important and effective gear that protects the most vital part of the body, the head. It not only protects the head from major head injuries in case of an accident, but also safeguards against the noise, debris and weather conditions. That’s why it is under the law to wear helmets in many of the countries around the world.

There are different types of helmets with varying level of protection, like full, half and three-quarter helmets. Each of them has a diverse shape which provides varying level of protection. It is recommended to choose the right kind of helmet according to the riding plan, weight, noise and comfort level.


Gloves fulfil multiple tasks. They mainly protect the hands not only from injuries but also from extreme weather conditions. They are also helpful to grip the clutch and brakes. Gloves come in different types and materials whether natural or synthetic or a combination of both. Many provide padding for your knuckles and palms. Select your gloves that allow you to work with the controls on your bike easily with maximum protection.


Motorcycle boots are often neglected. Whereas, they are crucial for protection, as well as comfy riding experience. Motorcycle boots should be able to protect from toe to heel with strong ankle support. The most important thing to consider for motorcycle boot is its sole. As it provides sufficient grip and oil-resistance to slippery, uneven, unpredictable surfaces.


Motorcycle jackets cover your upper body and protect the skin from road rashes. It also reduces the impact on your body with extra protection on elbows and shoulders, in case of an accident. These Jackets come in leather and other synthetic material with various styles and protection level. When choosing the jacket for yourself, consider the level of comfort, conditions and prefer the one with adjustable vents that are useful in hot and cold weather.


Most people consider wearing jeans is sufficient while riding the motorcycle. Whereas, regular jeans cannot protect from accidents. Good motorcycle pants not only safeguard from the environment, but also provides ventilation and shields the lower body. Like jackets, motorcycle pants also come in leather, textile, denim and other materials with different styles to choose from, depending on the way it will be used.


While motorcycle jackets and pants can be worn separately, but the one-piece or two-piece motorcycle suits are ideal for track. They offer a blend of protection and ventilation with better waterproofing than jackets and pants combination. It can be chosen bearing in mind the ease of use and convenience.

We have discussed, what we think are the most essential motorcycle gears considering convenience, maximum protection and last but not least comfortability.


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