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Do You Know The 13 Ways You're Shortening Your Car's Life?

by Car Service and Repair 8 months ago in how to
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As drivers, there many mistakes we make that reduce the lifespan of certain components. To avoid any unexpected costs when in comes to car service and repair, try avoiding these 13 errors to avoid a dent in your pockets.

Put a stop to these all-too-common errors to keep your vehicle on the road and out of the mechanic's garage:

1. Banging Through Potholes

Your car's suspension is capable of absorbing road irregularities, but it has a limit. Potholes are sometimes hard to avoid but driving through them faster than a pace can bend wheel rims, cause blown tyres, and break suspension components.

2. Using Cheap Fuel

Cutting corners by using lower-cost fuels might lead to costly engine problems down the line. When you fill with the ordinary grade when your engine needs premium, you risk drivability issues and warning lights.

3. Not Getting Enough Exercise

If you don't get enough exercise, your car's battery will die, the tyres will get misshapen, and you'll end up with a tank full of stale fuel. If you need to park a vehicle for an extended length of time, select a suitable (and ideally indoor) site. Then give it a nice wash to safeguard the paint, overfill the tyres to keep them round and keep the battery alive with a trickle charger.

4. Driving With Incorrect Wheel Alignment

This often-ignored problem can wear out your tyres, increase your risk of an accident, and reduce your car's fuel efficiency. Look for the nearest vehicle service near me garage and have these corrected.

5. Not Washing Your Vehicle

It's easy to ask why you should maintain your cars outside clean if you don't wash it. After all, it'll only become dirty again, won't it? Washing your vehicle on a regular basis can maintain the paint and decrease the risk of corrosion. Spraying your car's underneath is especially critical in the winter when salt can quickly eat away at the exposed metal of your chassis.

6. Cleaning Under the Bonnet

We tend to focus on keeping the exterior of our vehicle clean, but not the interior. This is a mistake. Cleaning the outside of your vehicle engine on a regular basis will help eliminate built-up sludge and debris that can decrease the life of your engine.

7. Holding the Gear Stick

For the few surviving manual-transmission drivers, this one is for you: Make sure your hand isn't resting on the gear stick! While keeping your palm on the stick may seem natural, it may cause premature wear on the transmission's components.

8. Using Wrong or Low-Cost Parts and Fluids

You may be maintaining your vehicle but cutting corners by using poor or incorrect parts and fluids is a terrible idea. Regular oil changes necessitate the use of the proper viscosity oil, not simply whatever is cheapest at the big-box retailer. The thermal range of spark plugs should be correct. Name-brand, original equipment equivalent, or superior fuel and air filters should be used, not the cheapest item available. Book your vehicle in with a car mechanic by searching full car service near me online.

9. Not Changing Oil Frequently Enough

Changing your oil more frequently than recommended keeps corrosive elements out of the engine and allows you to keep your vehicle on the road for longer. This is especially true if you mostly drive in cities. Search for car service near me online and book your vehicle in with a trained technician.

10. Driving Your Car When It's Cold

It takes time for a cold engine to warm up. Avoid accelerating at full speed until the temperature gauge displays 'normal.'

11. Using the Brakes Too Frequently

Using the brakes too frequently causes abnormal wear to the pads and discs, necessitating more frequent repairs.

12. Running on Empty

Driving till the fuel light illuminates, then driving another 10 miles, pushes dirt and debris from the bottom of your tank through your engine.

13. Putting the Pedal to the Metal

Acceleration and braking at high speeds can cause the suspensions and tyres to wear out more quickly.

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