Auto Tech Predictions for 2020

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The Automotive industry has potentially crossed many milestones is the past few years, revolutionizing the world with a powerful mixture of science and automotive technology!

Auto Tech Predictions for 2020

Can you predict the future? Well, if so, then what is the accuracy level? Predicting the future is quite hard, even for those people having the power to influence it. Some years ago, the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has said that the company will be parceling doorstep deliveries by using drones.

But, unfortunately, due to technological limitations, the flying robots are not available so far and Bezos envisions is still at waiting for state.

The modern cars today are more intelligent, having different sensors, user-friendly designs, fuel economical and empowered with the latest features. The entire industry, automotive scientists and researchers are potentially working round the clock to gear-up modern vehicles with a much greater level of autonomy and sustainability.

The viewers can expect to witness fully automated self-driven cars within a couple of years – the entire industry is focusing to achieve this goal. Maybe in 2025, we might be discussing and predicting complete vehicle automation but now, here are some possible Auto Tech Predictions for 2020:

AI-Based Control Systems

According to multiple resources, we are galloping towards a technology where a complete AI controlled system will accelerate the car without a driver. The object identification sensors are at the final implementation stages.

We are currently at the middle of a quest, where neither we have complete automation system solution nor we are too much far away. In early 2018, the world has seen about 90 % price cut in LIDAR, which is an essential automated component for the vehicle. This was great news as this system was as expensive as the car itself.

The breaking news about the tesla drunk driver has broken the barriers for car automation. The Driver was sleeping behind while the tesla autopilot mode is driving the car smoothly around the state. This news has confirmed the real-time spark in-car automation industry.

Uber will deploy flying cars

Uber Technologies Inc. has planned to deploy the flying cars around the year 2020, to speed-up the mobility of the passengers and to add a competitive factor to their core services. The company intends to launch this service around the year 2020, but still, it’s not in the business.

To move on next stead as a leading transportation service provider and as a replacement to the flying cars, Uber has launched helicopter rides in New York to test the demand of the passengers and figure out its impact over the overall market trend. Still, they are working hard to get closer and one day, they will be in the breaking news – Uber has successfully deployed flying cars!

Toyota will make fully self-driving cars

Auto and tech companies are well convinced with the power and need of self-driven. The Toyota Motor Corp. made a vision to launch autonomous highway-driving cars by the end of 2020. Still, there are many aspects of automated cars still uncovered and that’s why Toyota has to extend the tenure to achieve its goal!

The problem with self-driven cars is its test and no one can dare to try its prototype at busy roads. This can risk many people's lives. Moreover, the object sensors must identify the value of every object so it can identify either require to stop for a small stone or for a human kid.

V2X Systems

This system is amazing, beyond normal imaginations. No one had realized that vehicles will communicate with one other in the early century. The V2V system, called vehicle to the vehicle transport system and V2I, called vehicle to infrastructure are the most intelligent systems enabling the exchange of information among the roadside driven cars.

The information is about traffic signs, lights, and other non-verbal communication. Radiowaves is the prime scientific methodology used between vehicles to interact with one another. The modern chips and integrated circuits make the communication speedier.

The system has radically shifted the concept of Car Automation. The vehicles can receive input about the recently updated road speed limits, conditions, and other traffic norms, while the system empowering the vehicle to follow the recent guidelines and accelerate accordingly!

Internet of Things (IoT)

The cars are becoming a bigger, simple and perfect version of the smartphones. The Phenomenon of the Internet of Things is like a breakthrough in Vehicle connectivity. The powerful addition of Siri or Alexa has updated the system while allowing the vehicles to interact with the drivers more efficiently and in a systematic manner.

No need to touch the button while switching on AC – just let your Siri or Alexa partner know about your intentions. The AC will be fully functional within no time on your request. This concept has drastically improved the connectivity among human beings and the machines.

The world has witnessed a lot of changes and a lot more is on the way. The discussions about the IoT, Auto Driven Cars and other technological shift in the automotive industry is always in the business and breaking news. People are deliberately waiting for practical experience all future predictions.

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There is a race in this medium and every company is striving to surpass the competitors, promoting healthy competition in the market. Whoever wins the race, it will be the success of the entire world – The entire community will get the advantages of the Auto Technology shift and it will be not less than a miracle.

We are just waiting anxiously to witness all these breakthrough innovations and let’s see how every bit of this major technological shift improves our responsiveness, mobility, safety, and quality of living.

Shawn Mack
Shawn Mack
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