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Accessories You Should Add to the Car

The Best Accessories for Your Car

By Kevin GardnerPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Add a few accessories to your ride and instantly your vehicle turns into a unique, fun vessel that gets you to your destination as you get there with a smile on your face. Whether you want to improve safety, gain more power, or have other needs, the myriad of accessories out there gives every driver the chance to get exactly what they want. Don’t settle for the same type of vehicle everyone else has and update the ride with a few of the great accessories listed below. This list includes just a few of our favorite items; hundreds of other accessories are also available.

GPS Device

Many new vehicles include a GPS device, although drivers of older automobiles are left to buy this item themselves. It’s a purchase worth making, however, since a GPS system ensures you arrive at your destination on-time, without the frustrations that come when you get lost traveling. GPS systems start at prices around $50, with some models costing well into the hundreds of dollars.

LED Headlights

Headlights pave a clear way to see when nightfalls. Over time, headlights become foggy and cloudy, which impacts visibility. Many drivers upgrade the headlights in their vehicles and add LED headlights for added safety when driving at night. The best LED headlights last longer than standard halogen lights and offer a brighter, clear path that allows you to see further into the night.

Dash Camera

A dash camera is a device that police officers have used for some time, but only recently have they become available for public use. Now that it is legal to use the camera, it is beneficial to install one on your dashboard to protect yourself in the event of an auto accident or another type of mishap. The camera records both video and audio that can protect you in the event of a lawsuit or other mishap.

Auto Coffee Maker

Most people depend on coffee to start their day and keep them going when they crash after midday passes. If you love coffee as much as the next person, you're in luck. Now, you can get a quick cup of coffee even when you’re running late or otherwise on the go, thanks to this neat (and reasonably priced) coffee maker that works inside the vehicle. Just plug it in and within a couple of minutes, coffee is served.

Roadside Kit

Although not technically an accessory, every driver needs a roadside kit in their car, just in case. If your vehicle breaks down and you’re left stranded on the side of the road, this kit comes in beneficial since it contains a number of items that you'll need during this frustrating time. You’ll find assorted items in the kit if you purchase a pre-made option, or you can add items like booster cables, reflectors, bottled water, etc. to a self-made kit. A roadside kit in the car makes a difficult situation a little bit easier to bear.

Radar Detector

Many years ago, almost every vehicle was equipped with a radar detector, which notified the driver of police presence ahead, giving them enough time to lower their speed or make other adjustments before meeting a police officer. Radar detectors are back in style and owning one is a good way to reduce your risks and worries.

Accessorize Your Car

Which of the car accessories listed above do you most want to add to your vehicle? Don’t hesitate to purchase two or more accessories and expand your horizons and driving pleasures. Accessories make vehicles so much more fun and exciting. Don't be without the fun stuff that you want any longer.


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