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7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Mobile Truck Repair Company

by Jeremy Walters about a year ago in how to

An emergency mobile truck repair situation will arise when you’re least prepared. But with the right set of questions, you can get the job done in a very precise and right manner.

7 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Mobile Truck Repair Company
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One of the best things about this 21st century is that everything is available at the ‘tip of our fingertips’. Be it ordering an expensive and heavy item or a small and tiny item such as a needle. Everything is available with just a single click. And all of this is made possible using a smartphone and internet connection.

And the truck repair industry isn’t left behind as well! The option of emergency mobile truck repair has made life a lot easier for every customer out there.

Repairs like compressed air systems, trailer doors, roof repairs, alternators, starters, brakes, clutches, tire services, and even weldings are offered on the go! And when your vehicle runs out of gas, a ‘fuel delivery’ service can deliver you the required quantity in an instant. All these services have taken the traveling experience to a different level!

But all of these conveniences come with a cost! And to make sure that your every penny delivers the best service, you’ve to ask some right questions to a mobile truck repair company, so that you can finalize your decision of choosing them.

Here are 7 questions that you need to ask a mobile truck repair company:

1. Are Your Mechanics Certified?

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One of the most crucial questions. The people working on your vehicle should know what they do. All the ins and outs of the vehicle should be common knowledge to them. So that they work in the right direction!

And to make sure that they are credible, certification becomes crucial. National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has been providing certifications to professionals since 1972. So, if your ‘targeted’ repair company has ASE certified professionals, then you can go ahead with your decision.

2. Have You Worked On This Model Before?

While there are a plethora of models that each truck company introduces every year, the familiarity of the mechanic with your model will always help.

Consider this question a bonus, as more often than not, if your truck is not of a popular model, there is a low chance of the mechanic to have already worked on it. But if he/she has, then it is awesome!

3. What Will Be The Overall Price?

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Always enquire about the pricing structure of the overall repair before agreeing to the company’s terms and conditions. Make sure that the payment gateway is clear as well.

Not all companies will prefer credit cards, some will be adamant about ‘cash’!

4. Can You Give A Written Statement?

This is again a crucial pointer. Make sure all the repairs with the overall and clear pricing details are mentioned clearly in the statement.

This will make sure that the company does not charge you any extra for the services after performing their duty. It is always advisable to consider the worst-case scenario to avoid any kind of complication.

5. Do Your Offer Warranty On The Newly Installed Parts?

A good company that provides emergency mobile truck repair in Birmingham, AL will make sure that the newly installed parts are under warranty. So whenever you face an issue with these parts within the warranty period, you don’t have to shell more money.

Be very clear about the warranty period and under what circumstances you can or cannot avail of them.

6. How Do You Make Sure That The Sanitization Is Maintained?

As this pandemic is still far from over, sanitization is one thing that should be prioritized. Mechanics work on multiple projects in a single day and thus, there is a high chance of getting infected with the virus. Thus, get to know all the steps and precautionary measures they take to make sure that the contact with you is as minimal as possible.

7. Will I Get A Discount In The Future?

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Another bonus feature that you’ll love!

Everybody loves discounts. And some good mobile truck repair companies offer a healthy discount to recurring customers! And if the company you contacted does the same, it will be a cherry on the cake!

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