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Why Is France One Of The Best Christmas Destinations?

by Gina Chiriac 4 months ago in europe
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Do you want to add a little more adventure to your Christmas vacation?

Why Is France One Of The Best Christmas Destinations?
Photo by Chris Karidis on Unsplash

I went to Paris for the first time over the holiday season. Instead of gathering around a large table with a turkey for Thanksgiving that year, my family and I decided to spend the holiday on a Seine river trip. Prioritizing and budgeting for travel has always been important in our family, and I was especially glad for this family tradition that year. I was sixteen years old at the time, and I couldn't understand how a city could be so lovely every day. The Christmas lights and decorations just added to the beauty of Paris. Christmas magic is still much alive in France at this time of year. Here are a few things that make this country exceptionally special throughout the holiday season.

Carts with Roasted Chestnuts

Until my first trip to Paris, I had never tried roasted chestnuts. When I realized that people actually ate roasted chestnuts, I had a "aha!" moment since I remembered the classic Christmas lines "Chestnuts cooking on an open fire..." I felt like I'd leaped into the music and into the Christmas realm at this point. This toasty little snack can be found all over Paris and is the ideal way to keep warm while sightseeing. The chestnuts are roasted in a hot skillet with a touch of salt added to intensify the flavors. They're basic, but to an American adolescent sampling them for the first time, they tasted like magical cuisine found only in a cultured country like France. (Remember, it's just salt and roasted chestnuts.) These, on the other hand, felt elegant to me!) Seeing these roasted chestnut carts always reminds me of that wonderful winter memory of first trying marrons grillés in Paris.

In a wintry paradise, go skiing!

Do you want to add a little more adventure to your Christmas vacation? The French Alps are an excellent spot to look for it! Here, five-year-old French youngsters ski down steep slopes with more grace than you can imagine. (Unfortunately, I speak from personal experience.) One day, I aim to be as good a skier as the French kids!)Even if you aren't the most brave person, there is a surprising amount to do in the French Alps outside than skiing. You don't have to ski to dress up in cute ski gear and take a photo next to the great mountains! There are plenty of regional dishes in the area, scenic vistas everywhere you look, and you don't have to ski to take a photo next to the incredible mountains! Some of my favorite days in the French Alps were when I got the opportunity to tour the small mountain towns. Later that night, I'd return to our cramped cabin with my family and share a bounty of local treats. We'd go for walks, play card games, and drink hot cocoa. When you're fatigued from skiing the days before, some days doing nothing in a beautiful location is plenty.

Because my family is so diverse, I don't get to visit them as much as I would like. We decided that every year, before COVID revolutionized the globe, we would all convene in France to celebrate Christmas together. There, we've made some of our fondest memories. We don't give each other gifts. We simply want to be with each other. We haven't been able to make that desire come true, unfortunately. Because of the epidemic, I wasn't able to see them for what seemed like an eternity, but I'm hopeful that my family will be able to visit France soon so that we can all be together for the holidays. I hope you will get the opportunity to experience the wonder of Christmastime in France one day. Every person appears to have a certain area that makes their heart sing when they visit. For me, France is one of those locations.


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