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Why I took this photo

January 5 2021

Why I took this photo
Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

In mid-August of 2019, I took this photo. It was around the summertime when this was taken.

This photo was my most favorite picture I ever took. I'm going to take some more similar pictures like the one above. Taking these types of photos are beautiful and unique at the same time. Every picture that is taken is amazing. Whoever token/taking photos, you are amazing.

My friend and I went to the Sunflower Festival and saw different types of Dahlias and saw Sunflowers. We went on a wagon ride, train rides, and had some lemonade and ice cream. We spend all day at the Sunflower Festival. It was amazing how all the Sunflowers and Dahlias grow from a small seed to a flower. The Sunflowers and Dahlias smell amazing.

The first thing we both did a wagon ride and it was a little bumpy ride but it was amazing. We saw some sunflowers on the way to see the field of Sunflowers and Dahlias. The field was 15 acres of land. when we got there, were amazed by how many Sunflowers and all the different types of Dahlias can take up all of that space.

When we saw the Sunflowers and Dahlias they are so beautiful when my friend and I saw them. The Dahlias were the best part of going to the Festival. My friends were the Sunflowers and she never smiled this much. I would go and do it again with her. By the end of the day, we enjoyed it. We wouldn't trade it for the world. I have never seen such beautiful Sunflowers and Dahlias on a big acre of land before.

After the ride back on the wagon ride back, we got lemonade and ice cream. It was the most amazing experience of going there. Before we left the Sunflower Festival we got some ice-cream and lemonade. My friend got the ice-cream and I got the lemonade. Once we got back from the Farm, we went to a restaurant for dinner and talked about the Sunflower Festival for hours and hours, until we both got sick of it. It was the most memorable time. I wouldn't change the world of doing this again. I would go back and do it every year.

My favorite part about going to the Sunflower Festival is the Dahlias because the Dahlias come in so many different colors. It has the most colorful flowers in one field of Sunflowers and Dahlias. I never knew about the Dahlias until I saw them at the Sunflower Festival. I wish I knew about the Dahlias a lot sooner.

If I had to choose which flower is my favorite it would be the Dahlias because they come in a variety of colors but my most favorite one is in the picture up above. The reason why I like the one in the picture up above because it's how I took it and it's up close to the pedals and it shows the contrast of the white and pinkish-red color.

Lastly, After going to the Sunflower Festival. We would take our families to the Sunflower Festivals and see all the different types of Dahlias. They might like going to see the Sunflowers and Dahlias. Mostly like the wagon ride, the lemonade, and ice cream.

Shalini Gounden
Shalini Gounden
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