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What to know or remember when coming to a spa part 2

by Lena Bailey 4 months ago in guide

this again includes high end spa

So I decided to write a follow up to my post. There was a lot to add. Also I will add examples and stories from the spa I've worked at.

The major thing is listen to the words used when it comes to fees or money. At my spa we have a service charge. This was the pay for the therapist, not a tip. At the front desk they used words like "additional gratitude" to make people think the service charge was a tip but it really wasn't. You can always ask someone (likely your tech) if you are unsure.

Let's also talk about respecting the time of the staff. We know that this is your day but there are at least other 20 people who are feeling that way. We had a guest stop a massage therapist after she had already picked up her client to order a glass of wine. There is so much wrong with this. Let's start with it's not a massage therapist's job, the therapist's only job is to give the massages. The second thing is it's rude to interrupt people when they are with their clients. When in doubt of who to ask go to someone at a desk.

While we are talking about respect likes talk about respecting the staff. Let's remember that even though you may think of them as "the help" doesn't give you the right to treat someone disrespectfully or like crap. With my spa job I can't tell you how many times I had to handle a guest who treated me like I was lower than crap. I get the idea of how much you spent to be at the spa but that is no excuse to treat the staff badly. I almost kicked people out because they treated everyone like crap. I get that people that people are sometimes the worse sometimes but nobody wants to be treated badly.

So let's also talk about the space or environment of the spa. At the spa I was at there were certain policies in place that I think was just common sense for any spa environment. Even though the spa you go to may not have these policies in place these are just common curtesy. There is a no cell phone meaning that while you can have your phone on you there can't be any noise coming from it and you can't take or make calls. You will not believe how many times I got yelled at for trying to enforce this policy. It's not even the millennials that were the issue, it was the older people too.

We also had the policy of no pets. Find a pet friendly hotel room or pet sitter. I also got bitched at for this. The other policy we have is to use the amenities you have to have an appointment. This should go without saying but we do make exceptions for those who are loyalty members and a few others. If we tell you know be an adult and move on.

Let's talk about filming. I have been on so many live videos on people's Facebook, it's ridiculous. I get it, you want to remember this. Let me remind you there is this feature on your phone that lets you take pictures, use it. While you are taking pictures be careful of not getting someone you don't know in the frame.

So I also want to talk about remembering where you are. I mean this in 2 ways. The first way I mean this is, you need to remember that you are not at home. We had people who are just laying on our couches or taking up way too much space. Yes we want you to be comfortable but when people need a place to sit you may have to share a couch with someone you may or may not know. Also we have had people just leave their trash and empty glasses everywhere. Yes our job is to make sure the spa is clean but you can help us out and ask what we want you to do with these items. Usually we do have trash cans around the building.

The other way I mean "remember where you are" is you have make sure how you're dressed fits the place you are. I worked at a luxury brand spa and people's choice in clothes and bathing suits did not match that. There is a huge difference between tastefully revealing and slutty. People leaned more towards slutty. A luxury spa is no place for a thong bathing suit. It is also not the place to show off a lot of cleavage or even a little butt in your clothes.

This maybe a series on my page. I hope y'all enjoyed this post.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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