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Two Ways to Spend Your Night in Sydney

by Charlotte Evelyn 7 months ago in australia
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This article portrays a few places to spend time in Sydney. In case of group bookings for the dinner cruise in Sydney, contact the operator to avail best deals.

Sydney, the coastal capital of New South Wales and the largest city in Australia is a famous destination among tourists and travellers. With over hundred picturesque beaches spread across the city and its famous waterfront geography, the place is no stranger to water-related activities with the harbour acting at the center of it. So, if you're considering a getaway to this lively city, here are some places to try out.

Sydney Harbour

The harbour would be the follow-up if you've stepped foot in Sydney. Home to a fleet of great boats and cruises, water activities and harbour fiestas, the Sydney Harbour is the best location to spend your valuable time. Dinner cruises in Sydney are popular among Sydneysiders as well as tourists due to its massive response. The most popular cruise operators provide an array of vessels to choose from, each having its own distinct features. Sydney’s one and only glass boat is a premium dining cruise that will guarantee to meet all of your cruise demands. These cruises will take you on a three hour long voyage around the well-lit harbour where you can absorb the scintillating views of the famous Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many more of Sydney’s magnificent landmarks. Hop aboard the premium glass boat, which is Sydney’s finest, to get an even better, 360° view of the aforementioned landmarks. This fully air-conditioned vessel with its floor-to-ceiling windows, mezzanine lounge and a sky deck is perfect for that classy touch to impress your friends or family. Enjoy the pleasant views of the skyline while you feast on the freshly cooked dishes by the onboard chefs which can be coupled with the drinks and beverages available in the fully licensed bar onboard. With its dynamic servicing, breathtaking views, delectable menu and vast dining space, the dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour is simply a place to not miss out on.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Located at the heart of Darling Harbour and home to over seven hundred species of marine life and aquatic plants, the SEA LIFE Sydney is one of the most underrated attractions of Sydney. This place is suitable for people of all ages as the life of the marine never fails to amaze anyone even if they've seen it a thousand times on television. Experience the marvels of the Great Barrier Reef with its largest reef display in the world. This is one of the newer shows introduced here, utilizing modern innovative media to put forth an intelligent and one-of-a-kind encounter. Stroll through the Shark Valley and witness the world’s greatest aquarium sharks before travelling under the ocean and investigate the depths of Shark Valley, where you might come across the colossal Stingray! March on to the South Coast Shipwreck, where you'll come across creatures having their habitat towards the Southern Oceans. This is also the home of the Little Penguins, who can be found swifting and waddling through the water and seashore while doing their little penguin business. No setting offers such subversive scenery along with personal and luxurious dining experiences. There is also an event group who are specialists in managing and catering your needs for a particular occasion while maintaining a sharp and complete point of interest, fundamental for any corporate event. The private dining experience incorporates direct visit, with dinner, drink and private supper set up in the new Reef zone. Feast upon the glares of the aquatic with the likes of several fish, turtles, sharks and sawfish while hovering underneath the core of the Great Barrier Reef with a floor-to-roof window into the roof. With shocking discoveries awaiting and one of a kind perceptive, this encounter is a genuine one.


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