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Two Colourful Destinations To Spend NYE in Australia

by Charlotte Evelyn 5 months ago in travel tips
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New Year Cruises, Sydney Harbour and Elder Park, Adelaide make up two of the best venues you can visit in Australia for a memorable New Year’s Eve.

New Year is a vibrant festival celebrated on the last day of the year in most parts of the world. It’s the last celebration of the year and people go out their way to make this as memorable as they can. It is also an opportunity for people to leave behind their negative experiences and focus on welcoming the New Year with a positive attitude. Each nation and their people have their own way of celebrating New Year’s Eve but the ultimate intention behind these customs and traditions is to spend quality time with friends and family. Australia is not only one of the best places on earth housing several natural wonders and metropolitan cities, it is also one of the best places to visit during the month of December, as the weather here is warm. So here are a few destinations in the country to celebrate an unforgettable NYE.

New Year’s Eve Cruises, Sydney Harbour

Sydney is one of the largest as well as the most populous cities in Australia and is a regular tourist destination. With a waterfront location, iconic landmarks and world-heritage sites, an impressive harbour, multi-cuisine restaurants and so on, this is undoubtedly one of the best places to be at for New Year’s Eve. Numerous festivities unfold across the coastline of this luxurious city and most of these will be centered around the harbour. As you may have predicted, the harbour will be overflowing with natives and tourists, so the best way to view these festivities is to board a New Year’s Eve dinner cruise. These special cruises offer the best seats in the house to view the lit up harbour, the Sydney Skyline and the famous fireworks. There is a premium glass boat with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering 360° views of the aforementioned fiestas. This custom-built cruise is one of the best in the harbour at providing a premium and a friendly cruise experience with modern amenities. After enjoying several views of the harbour, head back into its vast dining space and feast on a deluxe 5 course seated and served menu and premium drinks and beverages included with this NYE package. You can also spot another glass boat on the majestic waters of the harbour offering the chef's special buffet dinner menu with premium drinks and beverages to celebrate this special day to its fullest. Choose one wisely and board one of the best NYE cruises. Take in the best views of the illuminated harbour and witness the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge in its full glory. Additionally, these cruises will be located in a special exclusion zone pre-designated by the NSW Maritime authorities, to give you the best views of the eagerly-awaited firework show! So be sure to hop on one of the best New Years Cruises in Sydney and have a grand NYE. These popular cruises are usually sold out weeks prior to the event so be on the lookout and grab your seats at the earliest.

Elder Park, Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia's coastal capital and is amongst the most prominent cities in the country. This cosmopolitan city is renowned for its diverse food scenes, premium wine regions and cultural festivals. New Year’s Eve in Adelaide is an exciting event with festivities and celebrations galore, including a firework show that hits the skies at 9pm and midnight. The sky covering the famous River Torrens lights up with bright hues of red and blue from the sparkles of these mesmerising fireworks. You can view them from the northern fringe of the central city or go to the Elder Park. Here, many talented musicians can be seen performing live concerts which are held every year for free. But it's not all about music and fireworks, you can stroll by the banks and enjoy munching on the local New Year food offered at numerous stalls. Together with food, you might also come across a fantastic variety of wine on offer as well. It is an ideal destination for families and friends to come together and celebrate a wonderful NYE on the banks of the splendid River Torrens.

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