Travel More...Travel Young...

Even if it breaks your heart...or your bank.

Travel More...Travel Young...

It seems so easy for everyone to tell you why you SHOULDN’T do something, but I am here to tell you exactly why you SHOULD.

My name is Sabrina, I am 24 years young, and most people would call me broke if they saw my bank account.

Truth is...I am the wealthiest and happiest, broke person I know. Wealthy with education, street smarts, friends, family, life experiences, and memories I will cherish forever and continue to learn from. All this I’ve provided for myself. Money doesn't make you rich; life does. “You don’t know the price of time, until you know what life can buy.” I am wealthy with over 200,000 miles in road-trips, 35 states, two countries traveled, and counting! However, while earning this wealth, I was the saddest and sorriest girl who knew nothing but struggle. I didn't realize I was earning or learning anything, but I quickly came to see that I was sorely mistaken.

The wealth I speak of does not require you to have a college education; being denied college loans is actually what caused this travel-mania-madness, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It simply requires courage, and for one to believe in themselves. In the low point of realizing I couldn’t go to college, I went on a road trip and it simply changed my life the day I set out on my first journey. I want to help you achieve the same sense of freedom. That YOU can do it, and anyone can.

Growing up, money was a burden, and still is. However, I have a loving family, and parents who showed me how spectacular the little things in life were. That was my blessing.

My parents have shown me the greatest thing I know today: how amazing the open road is and how much this beautiful, misunderstood shell of the world has to offer. But it was up to me to open my eyes and see it for what it was, and not just for it’s beauty. Throughout my travels, I’ve been humbled by some horrific realities, but there is a diamond in every rough.

Some things you will only know through traveling. You’ll never know fresh produce until you find yourself stopped on the side of the road in a fly-over State at a farmer's stand, where the produce is picked right off the crop. Just like you’ll never know fresh seafood until you go to the North East and try it for yourself on the harbor of the bay in which it was caught.

You’ll also never know how truly genuine some people in this cruel world are until you go out and find them (usually by accident). You’ll find the most amazing people at truck stops in the middle of nowhere, or even just pumping gasoline on the side of the interstate since there isn’t another gas station for 250 miles. Some people will stick with you from the second you meet them, even if you never see them again. Everyone and everything you come into contact with while on a road trip or traveling has a lesson to teach you. It’s up to you to take the lesson, or to not even see it at all, but we all cross each other's paths for a reason.

The places, people, animals, objects, views, etc. that I have seen have changed my life forever. I would not be who I am today if I never took it upon myself to explore the open road. I have a gypsy soul to blame, and that would have never been found if I didn't follow my arrow. So I encourage you to do so for yourself. Follow your arrow. Find yourself; find your being and your purpose. Maybe you’ll hate traveling, or maybe it will change your life forever.

I asked a friend of mine what she was afraid of when it came to moving and traveling. She was most nervous about establishment. You don’t need to be in one place to be established. Build a legacy everywhere you go, and you will always have roots established enough to go back to! Sprinkle stardust and happiness everywhere you go, shed a smile always, laugh uncontrollably and make it contagious, lend a helping hand whenever possible. This world has enough doubt, negativity and hate. It’s our job to turn that around. It starts with one person, so let’s inspire everyone to see this beautiful world and make it a touch better with every hand.

As Kasey Musgraves famously states, “Say what you feel, love who you love, 'cause you just get so many trips 'round the sun. Yeah, you only live once.”

Something else that keeps me going is when someone says, “Life isn’t fair.” Well, life is indeed fair because it is unfair to everyone...let that marinate in your brain for a minute.

I hope you travel more, and travel young. I hope you see the beauty in the little things this life has to offer, for those only educated by school are not educated at all. Get out there and see the world!

Love always, Sabrina

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Sabrina Weymouth
Sabrina Weymouth
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I've got a gypsy soul to blame.

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