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Top 10 World's Most Beautiful Buildings That You Must Visit Before You Die

by Kunal Ravan about a month ago in list
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Which is the tallest building in the world? You all must know this Burj Khalifa, but do you know which is the most beautiful building in the world? If you don't know, check out the complete list below.

The top part of marina bay sands with cloudy sky as a background

Friends, technology has made so much progress today that many unique buildings were built all over the world. Many of these buildings are known for their sky-touching heights, while some are already popular for their unique design and architecture.

But today we are going to tell you about the world's most beautiful buildings which are top class in everything from architecture to texture. The whole world believes in the beauty of these buildings. Believe me, after knowing about them, you will want to go here too.

10. Dancing Building, Czech Republic

Front side view of the dancing house

You will find many people singing and dancing, but the dancing building will be seen only in the Czech Republic. This beautiful dancing house is located on the Vltava riverside in the Czech Republic. Due to its unique design and unusual model, this building has also been quite controversial because the design of this building is quite nontraditional. Gothic and Baroque art buildings have always been famous in Czech, so the construction of this building is different and unique.

Dancing House was built in 1996. Inspired by two dancers named Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, this building was designed. Initially, the building was also named Fred and Ginger, but today everyone calls it Dancing House. Its unique structure is still very cool and unique to the people. But today people going here like to see this magnificent piece of architecture.

9. Turning Torso, Sweden

Drone view of Malmö with turning torso building

Along with the height, if attention is given to the beauty of the building, then a magnificent building like Turning Torso is constructed. The Turning Torso building is located in Malmö, Sweden, which looks even more amazing at night. The world's ninth most beautiful building Turning Torso is twisted instead of straight and tall like other buildings.

With a length of 623 feet, it is the tallest building in Scandinavia but people also like this building for its architectural style rather than the length. Such a curved texture is a sample of very fine art.

Looking at the turning torso from a distance, it seems as if this building is tilted to one side. To maintain its balance, aluminium poles have been installed on one side of the building. With 54 floors, the building has 9 "cubes" that are 90 degrees from their access points. The construction of this building started in 2001 and it was completed by the year 2005.

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8. Shanghai Tower, China

Shanghai tower with cloudy sky

If the curved structure of the turning torso building has impressed you, then believe that the Shanghai Tower of China can also win your heart. This tower in Shanghai City of China touches the heights of the sky. If you pay attention to the building concept of Shanghai Tower, you will find that this building is curved like a turning torso. But with it being high, its construction is of a little advanced level that makes it one of the most beautiful buildings of the world. Glass is installed in this building from top to bottom.

Being 632 feet long, it has 128 floors. The capacity of this building is such that it can accommodate 16,000 people at a time. The parking lot of Shanghai Tower has space to park 1,800 vehicles. Overall, this building is beautiful as well as quite spacious. It has many such features that make it one of the most luxurious buildings in Shanghai.

7. Lotus Temple, India

Lotus temple with cloudy sky

If the example of immense beauty is given, then the mention of Lotus Temple comes. This building, built in the shape of a lotus, is a living example of a unique architectural style. People from all over the world come to Delhi to see it. Being in the Lotus structure, 27 Lotus "Petals" are made in it.

The Lotus Temple was completed in 1986 and only then it was opened to the public. Its construction was so much liked all over the world that this building has won many architectural awards. Those who have seen the Lotus Temple, know that this building looks more special at night, due to the lighting, its beauty adds to its beauty

6. Taj Mahal, India

Taj mahal front view with trees

When it comes to beauty, how can one forget the Taj Mahal, the building of love. For the world, the Taj Mahal may only be a symbol of love, but for Indians, this building is the pride of the country. The Taj Mahal made of marble is included in the 7 Wonders of the World, as well as this building is also an example of unsurpassed architecture.

Even after being 391 years old, today this building is very strong. To build another building like the Taj Mahal is not a matter of any engineers today. Shah Jahan built this monument for his wife Mumtaz. This example of love is so popular that people from all over the world come to see the Taj Mahal.

5. One World Trade Center, USA

One world trade centre with a cloudy sky and trees

Who does not know about One World Trade Center, the tallest building in the US. The people who built the Burj Khalifa have also designed this building. This is the reason that there is no break in its beauty and uniqueness. We are saying this because it is based on building detailing. From a distance, this building looks ordinary, but from a closer, it is understood how much detail must have been taken care of while making it.

Due to the high height of this building, you get a 360° view of the entire New York City from the top of the building. You can imagine how the view can be from this building 1776 feet high. The popularity of this building is so high that people come here to visit with tickets, 45,000 tons of structural steel has been used to build One World Trade Center. Light has also been installed on its top which can be seen even from 50 miles away.

4. St. Paul's Cathedral, England

St. Paul's Cathedral with blue sky

Many of you must have heard about St, Paul's Cathedral in London. It is very much liked in the list of the most beautiful buildings of the world. This building is built in the English Baroque style. The interesting thing is that it has been used as a Worship Place for 1400 years, but even today its strength has not decreased.

The model and architectural style of this building are exemplified in England. This 665 feet high building is a church that people from all over the world come to see. The dome of this church is one of the largest domes in the world. As spectacular as this building looks from the outside, its interior is equally unique.

3. Museum of the Future, UAE

Museum of the future building and palm trees

When it comes to the world's most beautiful buildings, how can Dubai be left behind? Inaugurated on 22 February 2022, the Museum of the Future is the building whose discussions are spread all over the world. This building is seen as the most beautiful building of 2022. The building is a seven-story hollow silver ellipse with a spectacular design. Arabic calligraphy has been engraved on its entire structure. It has been decorated with LED lights and some fine quotes by the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

This building is made entirely of stainless steel. The increasing popularity of the Museum of the Future is expected to increase tourism in Dubai further. The most amazing thing is that this building has been made for people to experience the future. Its purpose is to show people the future vision of human beings. An attempt has been made to convey to the people through this building what the future is going to be in the coming 10-15 years.

2. Burj Al Arab, UAE

Burj al Arab on a beach with a sunset view

You must have seen this building in Dubai many times in the pictures. This world's famous building is the pride of Dubai. Its beauty is not only worth admiring but its facilities are also the most luxurious. Burj Al Arab is the most luxurious and iconic hotel in the world. A helipad has also been built on its top. In such a situation, you can imagine how many people can afford such an expansive hotel.

The location of this hotel in the sea is top class as well as its texture is also unique. The hotel has 56 floors with a height of 1053 feet. Being 7 stars, gold has been installed in the lift of the hotel. There are many golden statues inside the hotel as well. This shows that this hotel is available only to some of the richest people in the world.

1. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina bay sands building with lights with night view

The title of the world's most beautiful and iconic building in the world goes to Marina Bay Sands. Shining with lights at night, this hotel is present in Singapore. Instead of being in a single building, this hotel has three towers and the length of all three is slightly different from each other. A ship has also been installed at the top of this hotel which changes the whole look. Elegantly, this hotel provides its customers with the best facilities in the world.

This is the reason why Marina Bay Sands Hotel has won many awards for dining. Every facility here is top class. Apart from a large rooftop, the hotel also has an infinity pool, breathtaking views, special rooms, a garden park and many more facilities. At night, this building is no less than a wonder of the world. If you ever go to Singapore, you can enjoy this view.

So, friends, these were some of the world's most beautiful buildings, which were built by humans, but their existence enhances the beauty of the city. Believe me, everyone should see these buildings, so what do you guys think? Which of these buildings would you like to see? Do tell me in the comment below.


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