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Making Travel Plans!!

By Lin. J.HPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
Searching for the trip place

If I travel alone, I want to go to South Korea. Some people may wonder why Korean intends to travel to Korea instead of other new places. There are two reasons why I travel to Korea. First, I have lived in Northern California for ten years and have not visited Korea in the meantime. Korean proverbs say that mountains and rivers will change in a decade. Ten years is long enough to change the landscape.  These days, many things are changing every day, not ten years. So I want to go and see how Korea has changed this time. The second reason is that I never traveled alone when I lived in Korea because I thought it was lonely and dangerous. So when I was young, I went on a trip with my family or with my friends in college. As the mountains and rivers changed, I changed, getting old and brave in 10 years, and I could enjoy my solo time.

The itinerary is for a week, and I will make three travel plans. The first day of the trip is a bicycle trip, and three nights and four days is a trip to 'Jeju Island,’ and the rest of the time is a trip to see the sunrise at someplace.  

First, I will explain the bicycle trip. Bicycle is my good memory of childhood. When I was young, I lived near the 'Han River' in Seoul, and on weekends, I rode a bike with my mom along the riverside; after riding, we sat at the bench to see sunset and drink. I remembered she drank coffee or tea, and I drank banana flavor milk. This time, I will plan to travel by bicycle around the 'Han River' in Seoul.

Bicycle trip

It is called 'The Han River's Long-Term Bicycle Road.' The total distance is 56 km, and roads are mostly flat and wide for a bicycle. It will take about four hours. This road follows the riverside to connect with the tour place in Seoul. I can see urban forests, modern skyscrapers, through 24 bridges in the beautiful scenery of the 'Han River.'


‘Han river’ Sunset

There is a couple of viewpoints. It is the 'Olympic Park,' an outdoor sculpture park to enjoy the world's famous sculptures and music fountains. It would be nice to take a break here and eat some snacks. Another viewpoint is 'Cheonggyecheon.' which is a lake that flows through downtown Seoul. I will ride a bicycle along this lake road, and tour traditional and modern collaboration cities of Seoul like 'Gwanghwamun' and 'Insa-dong.' And I will stop at 'Palace of Gyeongbok,' for a while. It is the largest main palace and the first royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty, which means "great blessings from heaven." The cool air you feel while riding a bicycle and the sunset scenery reflected around the 'Han River' might be beautiful. Besides, it will be fun to see the major tourist attractions in Seoul.

Palace of ‘Gyeongbok’

The second travel course is 'Jeju Island.' It locates in the southeastern part of Korea. If I take a domestic flight from Seoul, it takes about an hour to get to that land. I will stay at 'Jeju Island' for four days and reserve a cabin located at 'Hado Beach,' encounters in front of the beach. I will walk along the beach with a coffee in the morning and go to the fish market to eat fresh sashimi in the evening. Above all, 'Jeju Island' is called a repository of volcanoes. It has various characteristic volcanic topography and geology and is rich in tourism resources such as beautiful scenery, warm climate, southern vegetation and landscape, and unique culture and customs. I will hike three famous volcanic areas on 'Jeju Island.' I want to travel to volcanic terrain, but there are three popular places on 'Jeju Island.' The first is 'Manjanggul Cave.'

‘Manjanggul’ cave

It is the largest lava cave that opens to the public. If you look inside the lava tube, there are traces of lava flowing through it. Because of the hot lava, the ceiling melts, and you can see the shape of a shark's teeth. The second is ‘Daepo jusang jeolli,' cliff in which lava quickly became hexagonal.

‘Daepo jusang jeolli’ cliff

It's best to meet the water to cool the lava quickly. So most of the columnar joints are distributed along the coast. The third is 'Yongmeori Beach.'

‘Yongmeori’ coast

It is a sedimentary rock made of volcanic ash. 'Jeju Island' is mostly basalt rock, but the 'Yongmeori' coast is a rare sedimentary rock place in Jeju. The purpose of this trip is healing, food, and hiking.

The destination to visit for the rest of the few days is 'Temple of 'Yongamsa' in Okcheon. It is one of fifty beautiful places in Korea selected by CNN. Okcheon is a small city located in the central and southern part of 'North Chungcheong' province. Rail transportation is also convenient, so there is a way to transfer from Daejeon Station to Mugunghwa Lake and get off at Okcheon Station by taking the Gyeongbu Line KTX from Seoul Station. It is for a two-day course; I will stay around Temple, and the next day, go to the 'Unmudae.' 'Unmudae' is one of the temple buildings located higher than the clouds. It is famous for the sunrise seen between the clouds and the mountains. I will see a spectacular view of various red clouds like dancing. As I have to climb higher than the clouds, it has to take plenty of time to go up. But the roads are well organized with wooden steps, so hiking will not be rough. On the last day of the trip, I will see the sunrise, thank you for the past, and wish for the future.

‘Unmudae’ sunrise

For me, traveling is a time of relaxation and healing while away from my daily life. The name of this solo trip is visiting my home country, healing, my own time, and recharging.


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