Magical Winters of MidCoast Maine~

by Amy Thome about a month ago in nature

New England

Magical Winters of MidCoast Maine~

I’ve always known that life is supposed to be magical, but I had to fake-believe it the last few years~ Intentionally putting faith out into the Universe that there was indeed this fabric, this web-like structure to the empty space around us, that is always listening. This Universal Mind that is sentient, that we sometimes forget is there.. Since 2012, I’ve diligently put out my antennas to the world around me, sensing, testing, listening, speaking, waiting, & sitting in silence… I’ve gone to the ends of the earth in my international travels in order to experience shifts in my reality because I’ve known since I was very little that life is more than what society is selling us right now. Life is supposed to be a dream, that reveals new surreal surprises everyday..

Someone in India told me once that the purpose of meditation is so that eventually, at one point, your whole life becomes a living, breathing, walking meditation… Tonight after I spent a couple hours preparing for our meditation gathering tomorrow, we went out after dark onto the frozen pond here in the fairytale land that is Camden Maine, ❄️ with the beautiful snow falling heavy & fast, & the chill of the winter feeling so exquisite on my skin. Seeing all the little ice houses that have started to dot the gelid water as we enter the toboggan nationals this weekend. Looking around at the mountains & the warmly lit homes lining the edges of the pond, & the vast sky as she begins to welcome the Full Moon arriving in less than 24 hours, I was completely awestruck at what I was experiencing .. lost in time .. being washed with wave after wave of the beauty of the Now … These are the arresting moments that have started to unfold delicately right before my eyes because of the winding serpentine internal work. Deep spiritual practices have extremely rich rewards. For as infinite as space is in our outer world extending out to the galaxies, it is also infinite on our inner journey as well.

I’m eternally grateful for everyone that has crossed my path in the last few years. I would not be where I am without their presence. It reminds me of the beautiful quote by Albert Camus, “If those whom we begin to love could know us as we were before meeting them … they could perceive what they have made of us.”

The value of stillness & dedicated searching within yourself have rewards that are beyond measure. The effects on your life as you move forward in time are priceless. When you dive deep into the commitment of the mantra to “Know Thyself”, your truest essence comes through. Your most authentic being begins to poke its head out, & a new person starts to be born, astonishing you with fresh insights & illuminations as you continue down this path that is the human experience. Devotion to the inner aesthetic is what introduces us to the person we’ve always wanted to meet, but that may have been buried beneath a blanket of the expectations of others & society~ the person we ‘thought’ we needed to be.. Herein lies a transformative moment of clarity as the Universe says welcome to the real YOU, and from there the word ‘effortless’ takes on an entirely new meaning in this fragile yet majestic individuation that you were granted.

In closing, here is my latest poem on that celestial & alluring ideal~

There is Beauty in Stillness~ A softness upon which the mind feeds. An awareness of nature’s true colors, & the comfort of tranquility. For when we are still, the clouds can be heard on their journey, & life’s clock ticks slower as the pendulum swings with grace. There are moments of magnificence in placidity .. A patient calming of the senses, a cessation of the world’s hasty spinning .. For when we are quiet sitting in our dignity, the language of the sea becomes heard, & the passing sun doesn’t burn… The hour of dusk awaits without worry. So tenderly the night crawls, & harmony is aloft about the moon.. So too, the stars sitting in their exalted repose, dance with a beauty.

That is stillness.

Amy Thome
Amy Thome
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