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Lying To My Kids About The Dentist and Taking Them To Disney Instead!

by Jessica Skube 5 days ago in family travel

My sons are obsessed with the Marvel characters and have been daydreaming about visiting the new Disneyland Avengers Campus since Disney announced it.

I planned one of the biggest surprises of their life. I bought them tickets to go to Disneyland for the weekend of its grand opening.

Instead of telling them straight up about the tickets, I’ve decided to make it a surprise and tell them they have a dentist appointment. Then instead of showing up at the dentist office, show up at the airport ready for our flight to Anaheim, California. Nobody knows, except my oldest daughter - so she’s going to help me pack our luggage and carry out the surprise. Hopefully it works out just as planned!

Jess: What's up fam? Good morning. Today is such an exciting day.

Lilia: Are you telling them about it?

Jess: Yes. Them as in them?

Lilia: Yes.

Jess: Them? Lily and I have a secret. [chuckles] What's our secret?

Lilia: The boys are going to Disneyland.

Jess: They don't know yet. Do you know what I'm going to do Lilia?

Lilia: What?

Jess: I think I'm going to tell them that they are going to a dentist appointment. [laughs] Then show up at the airport. What do you think they're going to say?

Lilia: They are going to be all confused.

Jess: They are going to be so confused.


Jess: Our flight leaves at 6:45, and we're headed off to Disneyland. By we, I mean just me Kyson, Kaden, and Landon. That's all that's coming.

Lilia: And you guys.

Jess: And you guys, you get to come too. We are doing a surprise Disneyland trip, because The Avengers Campus opened this weekend, and actually, opened yesterday. We're going to go two days after it opened. The boys had been so stoked about it, they're like, "When can we go? When can we go?" Little did they know we're actually this weekend. The first thing that you have to do though is somehow pack everything into the car without them being suspicious. The thing is that they're pretty oblivious.


Jess: I'm done packing, I think. Now I need to break the bad news to them that I forgot they had a dentist appointment today. Do you remember that Lilia? Dang it. The dentist appointment, I totally forgot, on a Saturday too, weird. It's go time, It's go time Mimi. Kyson, Kaden, Landen. I totally forgot you guys have a dentist appointment today. We need to go to the dentist's appointment.

Landen: Me?

Kyson: Wait, me?

Jess: Yes, you three.

Landen: Why?

Jess: I know, I forgot.

Kaden: Okay.

Landen: Why?

Kaden: For what?

Jess: We should-

Kyson: Wait, they're going to pull out my tooth?

Jess: No, honey, it's not what I said.

Kyson: You said the next time I go that they have to pull out a tooth--

Jess: No, it's just a check-up. Just check-up, I totally forgot until 10 minutes ago.

Kaden: How far is it away?

Jess: Like 20 minutes? It's not far. Get your shoes on, let's go, really quick. Yes. They don't suspect anything.


Landen: This does not look like the dentist.

Jess: Maybe it's inside of it. [GPS talking]

Landen: Inside an airport? Why would there be--

Kyson: Is it right here?

Jess: I guess so.

Landen: Why would a dentist--

Kyson: The airport's all the way over there though. Mom, we're going to the airport. Sacramento. Wait it says something right there. Sacramento jet center? I don't even know what this means mom, are we even here?

Landen: I feel like we're going to the airport.

Kyson: Just, the airport. Are you sure we're not going-- Mom, just tell the truth.

Landen: I bet we're going to Disneyland.


Kyson: Are we not seriously going to the dentist?

Kaden: Dude, if we're going to Disneyland my mind will be blown or something, but we're probably not.

Landen: Wait, mom is shaking. Mom's laughing, so we're probably right.

Kaden: No, we're going.

Landen: No, we're probably right, because there is an airport over there.

Kaden: Guys, let's wait, and if we're out and not going out of the driveway then we might be going to Disneyland. No, if we were going to Disneyland then we 100% have to bring Lilia. I always dreamed with me, Kyson and Landen, and mom, just the bunch of us went to Disney.

Jess: That's a dream?

Kaden: You're sweet.

Kyson: Wait, the airport's usually 30 minutes away?

Landen: Can I see your smile? I see you smiling.

Kaden: I'm scared.-

Kyson: Tell us, tell us, tell us, please.

Jess: You don't think we're going to the dentist?

Kaden: No.


Jess: I have a secret to tell you guys.

Landen: What?

Kaden: We're going to Disneyland.

Jess: We're not actually going to the dentist.

Landen: Where are we going?

Jess: We're going to Disneyland.

Landen: Actually?

Jess: To see Avengers Campus.

Landen: No, no, no. Stop lying.

Kaden: Mom. Stop lying.

Kyson: Wait, is Lilia coming?

Jess: No, it's just us four.

Landen: Stop lying.

Kyson: Stop it.

Landen: Stop lying.

Kyson: Mom. Wait, for real?

Jess: For real.

Landen: Oh my God. Let's go.

Kaden: I knew it.

Landen: I'm seeing Spiderman.


Kaden: This is the best day ever.

Jess: Best day ever.

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