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I Tricked My Husband to Exercise with Me — RVing in Retirement

by Brenda Mahler about a month ago in activities

Deception Makes Exercise Less Vulgar

I Tricked My Husband to Exercise with Me — RVing in Retirement
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After a day of traveling, be it 2 hours or 6, our bodies stiffen and tire. It is easy to move from the driver’s seat to the chair and then to bed because everything hurts. Believe me, once you turn 60 everything is going to hurt anyways so you might as well create systems that trick your mind into moving.

Watch Yoga on YouTube

Notice the first word of this directive, watch. If you begin with the belief that you are going to participate, a negative mindset is already established. In the beginning, my interest peeked after twisting my back and I needed relief. Friends suggested yoga but I didn’t want to do it alone, and my husband’s comments showed less than no interest. By following these steps, I opened his eyes to the values of yoga.

1. In the morning, preferably while still in your PJ’s because they are stretchy, nonchalantly begin watching a few YouTube videos.

2. When you stumble upon a humorous clip, laugh out loud and say, “You have to see this.”

3. If possible, include some golf footage in the montage to maintain his attention.

4. At the height of your enjoyment, “accidentally” turn to a yoga video. Be sure to prep this so that the instructor displays a pleasing visual. I have discovered youth and age are important factors and attire can influence the result.

5. Display astonishment at the agile abilities of the instructor. Believe me, you will now have a captive audience as the instructor performs the Downward Facing Dog and the Warrior Pose.

This video works great for a resistant beginner. Take a moment to scan this, and you will know immediately why it is effective.

6. Ask your partner to help you try a couple maneuvers, stressing he is needed for safety. Men like to feel needed.

7. Then dare him to try one of the twists. When he resists, goad him and challenge his masculinity.

8. After, a few stretches the value of yoga will become apparent.

Start slowly with short 10-minute routines. Once we began to appreciate the positive effects on our mind and body, we added 10 minutes at night. Currently, we have advanced to 30 minutes. My husband and I have purchased yoga mats for when we travel, allowing us to exercise. Our favorite instructor is Kassandra.

Get a Dog

With every stop during a road trip a dog requires a walk. This forces the owner to exit the RV and participate in a leisurely stroll that is beneficial to the mind and body. Every morning and night, your best friend’s routine will inspire you to get out of the chair and get some exercise. The more I walk, the more I desire to go further; it is addictive. Before long, I found myself walking for enjoyment instead of necessity.

The barrier to this idea occurs when a spouse is resistant to welcoming a new family member into the home. Below, I share an article detailing how Dagney became a part of our family.

Use the amenities

Many of the RV resorts we have stayed at, especially those for seniors, offer numerous opportunities. Simply by taking advantage of these, my husband and I have met new people while benefiting our health.

Pools and spas

Many resorts offer times for water aerobics and stretching. Knowing my husband would be resistant to a direct invitation, I worked slowly to gain his interest. While at Sky Valley resort, our home for a month, we visited the hot tubs each morning about 8:30. We soaked, relaxed and enjoyed conversation. Somehow, we chose the tub next to the pool where water aerobics began at 9:00. The process of imitating their movements became a habit and before anyone, my husband, noticed we were participants.

Old timers’ activities

I use this term lightly because many activities are great for all ages. However, horseshoes, shuffleboard, Bocce ball, and similar pursuits that tempt the aged are readily available at many resorts. Our experience is that other RVers welcome new people with open arms. It is easy to fall into a rut of inactivity whether you are at home or traveling. Take control of your health by becoming involved and moving.

I had a doctor ask me once, “How often do you exercise?” My blunt response, “Never.” Exercise is such a vulgar word. If I ever admit to my conscious mind that my behaviors are exercise, I may never move again.

Brenda Mahler
Brenda Mahler
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