How Traveling to Barcelona Made Me Appreciate London

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How Traveling Away Can Bring You Back Home

How Traveling to Barcelona Made Me Appreciate London
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This started off as a journal entry that I'd made upon returning home to London, here were some of my sentiments at the time:

"After so much talk about going to Barcelona I'm now back in London and although I can't quite say that Barcelona has stolen my heart, it's a beautiful place and I remain grateful for all of my experiences there. I'm already missing the warm weather (more like scorching hot!) and the 'hola's' and 'buenas dias' and the smiles (and sometimes stares) of strangers.

Weirdly enough being away, even for that short amount of time, reminded me of the importance of creating a home that you love—No matter how many stars are attached to the hotel you stay at, there's nothing quite like getting cosy in your own bed! I'm reminded of the importance of seeing London with new eyes rather than treating this big city as the 'same old, same old.'

Sometimes, when we become used to the magic we forget that it's there. Every place has its' own magic! Discover the magic that lives nearby."

Ways to Rediscover That Magic That Lives Nearby You

  1. Keep your eyes peeled and take note! Think of all the times on your commute to and from work or to and from meeting up with friends, that you've noticed a local bar or bookshop that you've always wanted to go to but "never had the chance". Well make the chance! There are so many places right at our doorstop that could open up a whole new world of adventure, if only we made use of the time and curiosity that we all have.
  2. Check out local hotspots! Google maps is your friend. For super busy cities like London, Google really is your best friend. I find that for many of us locals that are native to cities like London, Berlin, Madrid it is very easy to become comfortable and see exploration as something that only tourists do but there are so many cool things within your own city and town that you are yet to see. Try and see your city with the eyes of a tourist!
  3. You don't have to do it own your own. Meet up with friends who are just as curious as yourself or join meetup groups online! This works as a double-whammy. Socialising + Exploration = Amazing opportunities and loads of fun! I can't tell you the number of times, both my friends and I have gone out of our way to visit a different part of London and found something cool and quirky. Yes, visiting the Natural History Museum or St. Paul's Cathedral is nice but when you're visiting it for the fourth time, the novelty starts to wears off. What doesn't wear off though, is that feeling when you discover a vintage shop on Portobello road market, alongside five of your closest friends for the first time.
  4. Book a weekend spa experience at a fancy hotel on the other side of your city! Not only will this give you the well deserved break that you need, it will give you the chance to experience your city with a brand new perspective. Granted, this will probably cost you something, depending on where you choose to go, however it won't cost you nearly as much as traveling to Dubai in the middle of summer would!

There are so many ways that you can discover or rediscover the magic in your own city! If you have any awesome suggestions, we all look forward to reading them. Please do share them down below!

What will you do to rediscover the magic in your city?


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