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How to make the world a better place with sustainable tourism

Read on to know how you could contribute to making a better place with this unique travel concept.

How to make the world a better place with sustainable tourism
C. Lalinshan, Trincomalee town beach 3, CC BY-SA 4.0

Sustainable tourism emphasizes visiting somewhere with a positive aspiration and to offer that particular place something good in return – to make a positive impact on the society, economy and the environment. This concept can also be a part of your travel objective and can even be something small. Read on to know how you could contribute to making a better place with this unique travel concept.

Use natural resources with a careful measure

Resources such as clean drinking water, or means of energy should we used carefully. This could help conserve it for this in much need of it than us and also result in less wastage of valuable resource. For example, using electric appliances only when it is absolutely necessary or turning off lights when you go off to bed, conserves energy thus resulting in less use of non-renewable resources as a means of generating electricity.

Properly manage your waste

Improper disposal of garbage and waste products in one of the reasons behind environmental pollution and many believe if pollution continues to happen at this rate it could bring devastating results in terms of climate change and other severe environmental problems. Properly managing waste and proper disposal of garbage could work wonders in terms of environmental conservation. Also acquiring less plastic products and using recyclable and re-usable products could help in sustainability.

Use public transport whenever possible

Though you might still contribute to the use of fossil fuels, using public transportation significantly reduces the carbon footprint than you travelling around a private mode of transport. Since this is a common way of getting around the emission produced gets divided among all of those who are using that particular transportation method reducing their carbon footprint.

Interact with Advocates who promote sustainable development

With growing concerns over conservation of the environment and sustainability of future generations, many travel-related business establishments are moving towards best practices that contribute to this cause the best way you could also participate in this is to interact with them in any possible way. For example, if you plan on visiting a developing country such as Sri Lanka, you could plan your stay at eco-friendly resort establishments the likes of Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes or any other hotels in Trincomalee which supports sustainable growth.

Act sensibly around natural environments

With no doubt, every individual has the right to admire the natural beauty but whenever they engage with the environment in a negative way they break the natural balance and this could result in a domino effect where the result would be drastic. For example, if an individual touches a coral and damages it, it could contribute to the death of the whole colony which would severely damage the ecosystem. A lot of viable events like this could happen if you are not sensible and cautious so be mindful of your actions whenever you are around fragile and sensitive ecosystems.

Help the local economy by buying goods from small scale vendors

Small businesses greatly impact the generation of GNP (Gross National Product) and as a tourist, you can help individuals earn their living merely by making a simple purchase decision. Locally produced goods also prove to be more beneficial than industrial goods, especially when it comes to food. Locally made food items in many countries prove to be more nutritious and healthy when compared to processed food items. You could also contribute to this cause by buying locally made crafts and souvenirs.

Be mindful of your behaviour

Though you might not see it, the things you do when you are out in public spaces would be observed by many individuals. Your behaviour could significantly influence in some other’s life and it is necessary not to endorse bad behaviour. Acts such as smoking in public spaces and PDA could significantly affect another culture where these acts are considered taboo.

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