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How to Celebrate Australia Day 2022 in Sydney

by Charlotte Evelyn 4 months ago in australia
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Hop on an Australia Day cruise 2022 in Sydney with your friends and watch the live events or burn some calories in the Cremorne Point Circuit Walk.

Celebrated on the 26th of January every year, Australia Day is the official national day of Australians and is the second national holiday of the year. It’s significance dates back to 1788, when the first fleet led by Arthur Phillip landed on Port Jackson Bay. It’s an opportunity for the residents to honour the cultural diversity of the country which is part of the nation’s unique identity and to reflect and celebrate the significant contributions made by everyone to shape the country that shines today. For the locals, the day is marked by numerous cultural, communal and family events such as barbecuing, playing or watching sports, watching a movie or the fireworks show, going to music concerts, cooling down at a pool and so on. Here are a couple of ways to live it up for the special occasion.

A Premium Sydney Harbour Cruise

Sydney Harbour is a busy location during Australia Day with huge crowds and numerous events spread across vast spaces. Join in on the celebrations by boarding an Australia Day Cruise and enjoy sumptuous food and drinks while you're at it. Pick the luxury glass boat and take in 360° unobstructed views of the harbour spectacles including the Ferrython race, Tall Ships Parade, Navy Search and Rescue, RAAF Flyover and many more. Witness these lively events with a drink in your hand and don’t forget to raise your glasses together to fully embrace the festive spirits. Later you and your companions can feast on a scrumptious lunch menu prepared freshly by the onboard chefs, a perfect way to cap off a wonderful experience. What makes it one of the top Australia Day lunch cruises in Sydney Harbour is the quality dining coupled with views of the harbour events and the famous landmarks, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, all at your comfort.

The vessel will be packed only to a limited capacity to ensure you a crowd-free experience, so book your seats at the earliest!

Cremorne Reserve : Best Short Walk in Sydney

Cremorne Reserve is a perfect destination for a day trip. The harbourside bushland, lawn and garden areas make the ideal spot for a picnic out in nature with spectacular views of the city and harbour. This reserve has many features including a playground, pools, garden, lighthouse, picnic tables and so on. The best way to fully grasp the beauty of this unique reserve is by doing the Cremorne Point Circuit Walk, an easy 3km walking trail following the foreshore of the peninsula. The trail starts from the Cremorne Point Ferry Wharf with a small detour to Robertsons Point, the southernmost tip of the peninsula. The walking path here will lead you to the lighthouse, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the harbour and other nearby peninsulas. Even though you can't get into the lighthouse, you can get close to it by climbing down the small ladder, attached to the rocks. This area is also home to a playground where locals and tourists meet, socialize and enjoy some outdoor activities, with lots of shade provided by the trees. Moving on, the trail heads north of the circuit trail, following the shoreline facing Mosman Bay. This is a scenic route with huge mansions and picturesque gardens on your left and stunning view of the Mosman Bay on your right. Follow the path up north, past the Old Cremorne Wharf, until you reach a left-turn leading up to a stairs. From there, the walk crosses a few suburban streets until it ends up at an archway entrance to the western point of the reserve. This route is relatively less exciting but keep your heads high as the view of the Shell Cove becomes clearer as you keep following the trail heading south. Finally, you will reach the historic MacCallum Pool, where you can swim for free against the backdrop of the Sydney skyline and the Harbour Bridge. The walking path from here, will lead you to the Ferry Wharf which will ultimately conclude your walk.


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