How Many People Have Been to All 50 States?

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How Many People in the World Have Visited All 50 States in the United States?

How Many People Have Been to All 50 States?

How many people have visited all 50 states in the United States? That's hard to say but there is a club called the All Fifty Club and it only has some 4,500 members. So the answer is probably far less than 1% of the population and probably much close to one-tenth (.10) of 1% of the population.

This author has, however, been to all 50 states and he accomplished the feat before he turned 30. Why did he do that? When he was a sophomore in high school he had a major league crush on a pretty girl who was a senior. In the high school yearbook, the pretty girl said her goal in life was to travel to all 50 states before the age of 30 and that sounded like a good idea to the author too. So he did it.

Why would anyone else want to visit all 50 states? That answer is easy. There is an unbelievable amount of things and places to see in each and every state. Even in the two smallest states in the country there are amazing places to visit.

The United States is a vast country full of incredible people and places to visit with very little restrictions on travel. From coast to coast, the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans, and all the amazing places to see in between and from an amazingly beautiful South Pacific Archipelago to a massive northern land mass with some of the tallest mountains in the world that stretches into the Arctic Circle all of the United States is worth seeing.

How Many People Have Been to All 50 States?

In Rhode Island there are all the mansions like The Breakers in Newport plus the nearby Cliff Walk along the ocean, plus places like Colt State Park and Point Judith Light. In Delaware, there's amazing places like Cape Henlopen, the Winterthur and Nemours Mansions and Gardens and the ultra cool Fort Delaware on Pea Patch Island (the author has kayaked to Pea Patch Island and visited the massive fortifications on the island especially in Fort Delaware).

Inevitably when people find out the author has been to all 50 states they ask which one is the best? That is tough to say but for sheer volume the best state to visit has to be California.

The author has spent close to a year of his life in total (over many years) traveling around California and has just scratched the surface of all the great things to see and places to visit in the Golden State. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth is in Death Valley where Bad Water Basin is the lowest point in North America (-282 feet below sea level) and 85 miles away is Mount Whitney the highest peak in the lower 48 states.

California has both the tallest trees (Redwoods) and the largest trees (Sequoias) in the world. The Pacific Ocean is so clear in the Channel Islands that kelp forests over 70 feet deep look like they are only 10 feet from the surface. And at Point Arena Light the views are so amazing you'd swear you can see all the way to Hawaii and the sunsets are amazing in the Golden State.

If you think there are states not worth visiting the author would strongly disagree. He's spent two weeks in Hawaii and a summer in Alaska and been to every other state multiple times and has never lacked for places to visit.

Not every state has a National Park but every state has multiple state parks worth visiting. Almost every state has at least one waterfall worth visiting. Most states have unique foods and cuisine that can tickle the palette of nearly everyone. We live in a vast country with very limited restrictions on travel and this author encourages all Americans to consider traveling to all fifty states and becoming a member of the All Fifty Club.

Joe Dorish
Joe Dorish
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