Five Amazing Bridges to Hike Over in New York City

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Five Great Places to Hike in NYC for Amazing Views

Five Amazing Bridges to Hike Over in New York City
Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Hiking is an activity most people associate with being in the country but there are places in cities where people can hike too. One of the best places to hike in cities is over bridges because you can usually get unobstructed views from elevated spots as most bridges are up in the air above the streets leading to them.

Here is a list and photos of the five most amazing bridges in New York City to hike over in 2018. One of the great shames of New York City is that the magnificent Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (photo above) that connects Brooklyn and Staten Island and spans 13,700 feet does not have a pedestrian path across it. The only way to get over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge by foot is to run the New York City Marathon which starts by going over the bridge. Hope you like the list of bridges and the photos in the slideshow.

Five Amazing Bridges to Hike Over in New York City

1. George Washington Bridge

George Washington Bridge or GWB

The George Washington Bridge, which is better known as GWB in the New York City area, is 4,760 feet long as it connects New Jersey with Manhattan over the Hudson River. There is plenty of room across the bridge along the pedestrian route for hikers, bikers and walkers. The views from the George Washington Bridge are phenomenal. A great time to hike over the GWB is at dusk as the New York City skyline lights up. You won't regret hiking over this bridge because of the amazing views.

2. Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge has been around since 1883. Obviously there were no cars to go over the bridge at that time and the first day the bridge was opened some 150,000 people walked or hiked across it. The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn and it is 5,989 feet long. The Brooklyn Bridge has a wide pedestrian lane right down the middle and this bridge is a great place to hike across and sight-see both the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn.

3. Manhattan Bridge

Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge also spans the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan and it is located just upriver from the Brooklyn Bridge. The total length of the Manhattan Bridge is 6,855 feet, so this another bridge offering New York City hikers a decently long hiking area with splendid views of the Manhattan skyline. The Manhattan Bridge also tends to be a lot less crowded than the Brooklyn Bridge for New York City hikers and tourists who want to avoid the crowds.

4. Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

The Williamsburg Bridge is further up the East River and it too connects Manhattan with Brooklyn. The bridge ends in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn on that side, hence its name. The Williamsburg Bridge has a total length of 7,308 feet, so hikers can really hoof it over this New York City bridge. The Williamsburg Bridge was completed in 1903 and it was the longest suspension bridge in the world at that time. I'm sure plenty of people hike over this bridge and grab a beer on the other side and then hike back across.

5. Queensboro Bridge

Queensboro Bridge or 59th Street Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge, which is officially called the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge and unofficially called the 59th Street Bridge by many, spans the East River in New York City between Manhattan and Queens. Opened in 1909, the Queensboro Bridge is a cantilever design bridge and the only bridge spanning the East River that is not a suspension bridge. One of the cool things about the Queensboro Bridge is that it goes right over Roosevelt Island in the East River. So hikers over this 3,742 foot long bridge have plenty of amazing things to look at along the way.

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