Avoid Excessive Stuff

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Travel Packing Tips

Avoid Excessive Stuff

Sometime last year, I went to India. Prior to that, it had been a good six-seven years where I went on an international vacation by way of an airplane.

Long story short, here's a list of things I would think twice before taking with me. Most things that are necessary to me in my day to day home life.

And the two great lessons I learned are, 1. Travelling in car is vastly different than airplanes when it comes to luggage, and 2. Don’t assume you will need to take anything with you without researching destination.

1. Portable Chargers

Having one or two is very convenient on international airports. But more than that is an absolute waste of space. Just invest in one or two good, heavy duty chargers. Airplanes usually do have an outlet, make sure you have the right pin adapter though. And charge all your devices beforehand.

2. Books

I am an obsessive bookworm. But don't. Rare people, have the time to crack a book open on a vacation they take with other people. It could be something else for you apart from books, but you get the gist.

3. Laptop

Unless your career depends on it, you won't be using it. Well I didn't have portable internet access. So there's that. But I honestly don't think that it is necessary. I only used my cellphone.

4. Water Bottle

As much as I use them here. I ended up buying quite a bit of bottled water on the go. And it's not that tap water is bad everywhere. My water bottle amount of water on the go was never enough.

5. Bottoms

You cannot go wrong with extra pairs of undergarments. But keep the bottoms on the down low.

6. Hair Care

My hair requires quite a bit of shampoo and conditioner. It requires to be washed every few days. So if you're on the same boat, don't go with the travel sized bottles. I would say yes to the mousse/hairspray, though.

7. Snacks

If you are a foodie. You are going to pick something up from the airport. Know thyself. Perhaps research the airport you'll be at, and look at your options.

8. Makeup

Truly. Be a little bit conservative when packing it. If anything go with what you're already comfortable with. You can't go wrong there. Avoid, avoid, magnetic palettes with single shadows. Also with lipstick, I like it dark or mauve. But I did stand out. I don't mind. But is it your cup of tea?

9. Jewellery

I mean precious metals. My skin is sensitive to a lot of cheap jewellery. So I hardly wear jewellery generally. Again, if you're on the same boat. Simply avoid the fake ones too. Because you will get irritated by it anyways. I only wear what I already have on, for years. But even in Canada, I have my moments where I feel like someone's going to snatch my chain from me. (Because something like that has happened). Better be safe than sorry.

10. Shopping

This is of course relevant to where you go on vacation. If I went to the the USA (which I drive to often), I spend at most fifty dollars (on food). It has my Canadian custom officers a bit surprised. But if I went to Japan, I'd end up with a bankruptcy claim. I bought certain things in India (which again with a very conservative hand, if I do say so myself). But some of the clothes I bought, I haven't touched months later. So again be a bit objective over its usability on home front, rather than being riled in for its prettiness.

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