A Mountain Remembers It's a Volcano

by Jessica Keats 6 months ago in europe

Remembering our True Selves is not just for Humans

A Mountain Remembers It's a Volcano
Mount Etna at "Purple Time", just after sunset

This picture says it all. A visible bit of beach trash, a peaceful and powerful existence, a calling and creation pointing the way. All the ingredients needed for a successful return to one's true nature. My Specialty, returning one to their true nature and brilliance.

Just as humans forget who and what we are so too can a Volcano forget how powerful and ultimate it is, especially when everyone calls it a Mountain. We are all creation, created to BE and exist in all our glory and righteousness. Created to belong and trust and fulfill our purpose.

Mount Etna is an active stratovolcano living and existing on the east coast of Sicily, Italy near the city of Catania.

I love to capture experiences with my cell phone. Both written and visual. There is so much wonder in the world and I am consistently guided to capture it and share it with others so they too can be changed by the words and images that are changing me.

I was first introduced to the existence of Mount Etna when I was called in August 2019 to take part in a gathering of gifted individuals by my dear friend Matthew Romantini of Sadhana Therapuetics.

The moment Matthew mentioned her I knew I was meant to meet her, to be close to her and I agreed immediately to join the November 2019 retreat he was hosting. It would be three months before I would see her but I knew we were already connected. Every night, while I slept, my spirit traveled the roads of Sicily consistently gathering information of this new land I was journeying to. I knew there was something that Mount Etna needed from me and in return she was going to show me something about me that would change my life forever.

When finally, November came and I landed in Catania, my heart quickened both in anticipation and in excitement. Each moment that I found myself gazing upon her beauty and majesty I felt this rush inside myself. The electricity of two powerful beings acknowledging each other. A pull between us that was unmistakable.

This moment captured above was the evening before our tour of Mount Etna. The first full day of our retreat. A late afternoon exploration of the cliffs and beaches of the Mediterranean. I stood here in this spot, witnessing all of her glory as the sun set. She whispered to me,

"Are you coming"

"Of course I am", I whispered back.

"I've been waiting", she whispers.

"I know. It's almost time". And our bodies and energies swayed towards one another.

Even then I did not know what would occur the next day. Though I know what we believe affects us, I had no idea that such a powerful being such as she was hindered by the belief that she was only a mountain. I could not predict the experience of returning her to her nature, to her Volcanic Glory and all the blessing that would come as one powerful being helped another powerful being.

When I met Etna she was a Mountain and when I said goodbye she was a Volcano once again. Ready to do her part in the grand scheme of the Universes' inner workings. Ready to share her power and trustworthiness with others who are ready to meet her and know themselves in the process.

When I arrived in Sicily, I had never known true happiness and when I left I had experienced true ecstasy, the happiest I had ever been in my life. Maybe even the happiest I had ever been in my existence.

Welcome home to both of us!

Jessica Keats
Jessica Keats
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