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2023 Language Plan

How I’m going to learn languages in 2023

By A Palace of IdeasPublished 4 days ago 3 min read
2023 Language Plan
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In 2022, I set quarterly language goals. I found that setting goals in my target languages that had smaller time-frames provided me with greater focus and direction when it came to studying. I want to be able to track my progress and see how well I’m doing throughout 2023 and thus, I will be setting language goals for each quarter. My goal this year is to focus on consistency and making sure that I’m studying every day, as well as ensuring that I’m not afraid to use more traditional methods such as making vocab lists and memorizing grammar. Additionally, I want to track the time that I spend studying languages to better understand what works and what doesn’t.

General Goals

Firstly, I have a few general goals that relate to my language learning across the entire year.

Goal 1: Consistency

I find that consistency in language learning is the most beneficial and also the most difficult thing to achieve. If I study a language consistently, I improve much more quickly. Therefore, I want to set a goal of consistency. I’m going to aim to spend at least one hour each day learning the one language I pick as the key language for each quarter. I want to make sure I have a plan for my language learning, such as setting up reminders for myself and tracking my progress.

Goal 2: Don’t be afraid to write vocab lists and memorise grammar

Yes, it’s not necessarily the “most efficient” way to learn a language. Last year, I tried all sorts of other methods, but honestly, I found it difficult to be as consistent. Therefore, this year, I’m not going to worry as much about whether my study methods are the most efficient, but about how enjoyable I find them and how they help me. I will be writing out vocab lists and memorising verb conjugations, as I think that is the best way for me to learn at the moment. I will also be looking for other resources outside the traditional methods, such as watching movies and documentaries, or reading books in my target language.

Goal 3: Track time learning

This year, I plan to track the time I spend learning languages in Excel to gain insight into what methods are effective and how consistent I am. I will also be tracking the amount of time I spend speaking with native speakers, as this is a great way to improve language skills.

Language-specific goals

Along with general goals, I also have some overarching language-specific goals for the year. These goals will be broken down during each quarter.


It will be difficult, but I’m determined to take the HSK 5 exam. I plan to use online resources to prepare, as well as look for other resources such as language exchange websites, apps, and iTalki lessons.


I want to become conversational in Nepali by the end of 2023. To do this, I will be speaking with native speakers and immersing myself in the language as much as possible. I’ll also be looking for any books, movies, and TV shows in Nepali to get a better grasp of the language.


I want to explore native Spanish resources in greater depth and reach an intermediate level of proficiency. I plan to watch Spanish language films and TV shows, listen to Spanish podcasts, and read Spanish books.


I want to have the ability to comprehend native media such as television shows, books, news, and podcasts. I’ll be focusing on listening and speaking, and will be looking for native French speakers to converse with. I’ll also be looking for French language courses online that I can take to help me reach my goal.


I have two key goals for Q1 that I am working towards. To ensure I stay consistent with my language goals in 2023, I have chosen Nepali as my key language for the first quarter. I recently spent one month in a region of northern India that primarily speaks Nepali. I don’t want to lose my momentum with Nepali, so I have chosen it as my focus language for Q1. For my second language for this quarter, I have chosen Chinese. My goal is to learn the HSK 5 vocab list. To do this, I will be using a combination of flashcards, and memorising words in the context of a sentence.

I’d love to hear everyone’s 2023 language learning goals in the comments. I can’t wait for us all to inspire each other for the year ahead.


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