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Why You Should Give Your Period Blood Back To The Earth

Learn To Love Your Period And Everything That Comes With It

By Katie BurnsidePublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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We've all been there. It's that time of the month when we cry for no apparent reason. We suffer from stomach cramps. We shit a lot more than we'd like. We all dread it. But what if I told you, your period didn't have to be like that? It could be a time you cherish and love. Stop dreading your periods and start embracing them. It's the most natural thing in the world.

Using Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups bring you a lot closer to your periods. You can watch how the colour of your period changes throughout your cycle. How the thickness might vary. Tampons and pads have bleach in them so they can manipulate the colour of your period as it soaks it up. Also is it really healthy to have bleach inside your vagina?

Another reason menstrual cups are better is the obvious, they're so much better for the environment. Don't fear them. I know they can be quite daunting at first but so was a tampon when you first started using them. The biggest tip I have for you when using a menstrual cup is to push like you're giving birth. It will come out so much easier that way. People get scared because of the suction. You just have to use your fingers, get in there and squeeze the bottom of the cup whilst also pushing and you'll have no problem.

The worst thing you can do is tense up. Think of it like when you first had sex. It's scary and you're going into the unknown so you tense your body making it harder and more painful for the penis to penetrate the vagina. It's the same scenario for a menstrual cup. The more you tense up the harder it will be to get the cup out. How much easier was it to have sex when you started to relax? Take a deep breath, relax your entire body and pull and push the cup out with ease.

Giving Your Blood Back To The Earth

This is easier when using a menstrual cup. Our period blood contains three electrolyte nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are important to not only human's metabolisms but also plants. Making it the perfect fertiliser. This is why we should give our period blood to our house plants. They will thrive. The fact that our periods can help to nurture another living thing is beautiful and this is something to be proud of. Women are superhuman and this is our biggest superpower.

So when you're taking your menstrual cup out don't waste that goodness by tipping it down the toilet. Add it to a cup of water, mix it together and start watering your house plants.

It's a very sacred and special moment to give your blood back to the earth. It can be quite spiritual. There are many mental benefits for you if you choose to do this practice. It will help you feel more connected to not only your body but also the earth. What's more beautiful than that?

How To Nurture Your Periods

Nurturing your periods is a way to help you look forward to your time of the month. When we're releasing period blood we're also releasing nutrients as I mentioned before. This means we need to put these nutrients back into our bodies so we can stay healthy and balanced.

Cacoa powder will change your life. Instead of eating chocolate buy yourself some cacoa powder and you can make all sorts of drinks with it, hot and cold. It's similar to coco powder but it's a raw organic and natural powder. I would recommend one spoonful in a mug, add your choice of milk. Add some honey, salt and vanilla essence, and give it a whisk. Then add some hot water and drink it. It's really tasty and very good for you whilst on your period.

Putting back into our bodies what we're releasing whilst on our periods is a great way to keep our hormones balanced and also keep any pain at bay. We shouldn't have to suffer through our periods. We should be able to go through our day-to-day lives unaffected and we can. You just have to learn what your body wants/needs through this period (ha! no pun intended) and you'll learn to love this time of the month.

You can create some lovely rituals around being on your period which will make you love and cherish your time of the month. Let it be a positive thing rather than something you dread. If you don't have any house plants go out and buy some. Then you can enjoy performing this act of nature.

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