Weapons On A Dog Walk: The Joys Of Being A Woman

Things That Suck About Being A Woman

Weapons On A Dog Walk: The Joys Of Being A Woman

I feel like I need to start by saying that I’m talking about everyone who identifies as a woman. Nobody is being excluded here. 

Basically, someone tried to mug me last Wednesday. I was walking my dog Duke, (a Transylvanian Scent hound if you’re interested) and we went a way we don’t normally go. It’s secluded, but I’ve been down there a few times by myself and nothing bad ever happened. So naturally I assumed I would be fine.

But no, there were 2 men and one woman and the younger of the two men came at me. He reached out for the strap of my cross-body bag to try to take it from me. 

Now keep in mind I use this as a dog walking bag, I don’t take my purse with me. So if he had succeeded in robbing me he would have had a real haul. He would have got away with two adrenaline injectors, several packets of antihistamine, ibuprofen and dog poop bags. A real king’s ransom. 

But thankfully my bag isn’t the only thing I carry with me on a dog walk. I also take a small knife. It’s one of those multi-purpose tool things, but I carry it open in my pocket. It’s small enough to wound, but not big enough to kill anyone. I use it as both a security blanket and as a deterrent, and it worked. 

I pulled it out of my pocket; the guy looked down at it in my hands and walked away in the opposite direction. I tried to hurry Duke along, but trying to hurry a 9-year-old 65 pound arthritic dog isn’t easy. 

We got to a more crowded area without any problems and made our way home. But the whole way home all I could think was about how being a woman sucks ass at times. 

If I were a huge burly guy, that prick would never have tried to take my bag. He wasn’t armed; he was just counting on someone being smaller and weaker than him. Which I am, I am not strong in the slightest, which is why I always carry something with me. And I know I’m not alone, I know millions of women all over the world have weapons with them. They take them when they’re running, walking the dog or just going to work. And it’s not even something that we protest about, we just do it. 

When I go out with the dog, checking for my knife is as commonplace as checking that I have my phone with me. 

But when you’re a woman you have to think about these things. But do guys ever take the dog out and think “Is it safe? Will someone try to mug or rape me?” Honestly, I’m genuinely asking if it’s something you ever think about.

Being a woman is scary, you get so good at evaluating the danger of a situation you begin to think you’re wasted not being in the police force. 

And your safety is your responsibility as a woman. You’re told to be safe and not get mugged or raped. But nobody tells the boys not to mug or rape us. So looking after yourself is all you. 

We have to deal with the consequences of our behaviour. If we get drunk and raped, we’re told it’s our fault. It’s not the boy’s fault for not being able or willing to control himself.

I guess I’m just tired at the minute. I live in a really high crime area and I’m just tired of being on edge all the time. I’m tired of having to worry about my personal safety when I should just be able to walk my dog in peace.

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