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She is Fierce.

by Liga Dixon 9 months ago in gender roles

Strong women problems.

Being a strong woman who knows what she wants almost always comes with a burden - people will find you intimidating and mean.

“She's fierce, she's blunt and she's unapproachable” someone said. Is that so, I wonder? What do you actually know about her?

Looks can be deceiving.

How do people see strong women? How do they even describe who a strong woman is? How come that in this world men are allowed to do so much more, without being regarded as rude, mean or intimidating, but when a woman owns the same character traits or is doing the same things she is being defamed and laughed at. If I am being honest, people don't like it, if I have goals and I will prioritise my time, people don't like it, if I am ambitious people don't like it, if I speak out loud about painful truths, people don't like it. Being strong, recognizing your worth and working on your goals is almost definitely guaranteed to make people not like you. Why? Because you become impossible to manipulate and to convert.

Society is so used to seeing women at home, with children, cooking and cleaning, being humble and quiet, used to see them weak and emotional, loving and naive that as soon as she is anything but that, people freak out. Yes, I am a mum, I am a wife, but does that determine who I am as a person? Am I not allowed to have my life, fulfil my dreams, work on my goals, have my hobbies, my business and have time for myself? How am I different from everyone else? How do my needs suddenly have to become secondary to everyone else's?

I can't even remember how many times I have been asked - "Does your husband allow you to do that?", "How do you have time for that with four kids?" or "Who is looking after children if you're not around?". Or how many times I have been described as mean or unfriendly because I speak truth, or regarded as b***h because I don’t follow the crowd? Would you like me better if I would blend in, keep quiet, smile in your face and talk about you behind your back? Would you rather choose sweet lies over bitter truth?

Strong women have learned from experiences, they are driven by principles of life, they acknowledge the importance of self worth, honesty, loyalty and partnership. They know that great success is easier to achieve in a team, but they are also aware that it is not always possible, because people might appear to have the same vision, but their willingness to do something about it might be completely different. Strong women are those who want to have someone in their lives, but are absolutely convinced that they can make it on their own too!


She is fierce! She means business, but her experience has taught her that not everyone shares the same passion nor has the same ambition. She wants to be positive, but has learned that it is easier said than done and that life will continuously test her ability to stay positive. She wants to be part of something, belong somewhere, but knows too well that people are always looking for their benefits and being let down hurts too much. She might have been trusted and betrayed, admired and slandered, she has been loved and hurt. She might have made mistakes, failed herself and others, she might have lost her ways and been thrown off course, she might have fallen more than once but she always got up and started it all over again.

Some say she's unapproachable, when in fact she simply knows what she wants and she knows how to keep her eyes on the prize!

gender roles
Liga Dixon
Liga Dixon
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Liga Dixon

Taught by life, by my decisions and mistakes, by success and ambition, I have had many amazing life changing journeys that helped me to become a better person, and if my stories could inspire even one person, It would be time well spent

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