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Letting Go of Your Inhibitions

Discover the Power of Pole Dancing

By Jeanell Norvell, S-LPC, Ph.D.Published 2 months ago 4 min read

As I reviewed, the class polices: no G-strings, thongs, bikini bottoms, bikini tops or heels, I questioned what I was doing in a pole dancing class. I have two left feet and zero sense of rhythm. Add to that the fact that my life has been filled with self-imposed inhibitions and one begins to see this may not be the best fit. However, when I pointed out to a personal trainer my genetics meant I would never have a dancer's body, his response had been "Sure you could but first you have to dance." Toss in the pre-high cholesterol I have and the fact that pole dancing lowers cholesterol (I swear it is in the promotional material. I would not make that up.) and a pinch of instigation from a friend who shall remain nameless and you have the recipe that brought me face to face with a room full of mirrors with my body wrapped around a pole.

Four lessons and countless bruises later, I now have a much deeper appreciation for the art of pole dancing. I have experienced pain, frustration, pain, exhilaration, pain (I did mention pain right!) and developed a higher comfort level with my body. I am a long way from perfection with regard to the routine. However, on the last week as I stood giggling with a room full of women, I realized how freeing it had been to let go of my inhibitions and not only try but successfully make my way through an introductory routine.

Pole dancing is a form of dance which uses a vertical pole as the primary support structure. It is known for its sensuality and requires both physical strength and grace. This style of dance has been around since ancient times and it is gaining popularity with modern-day enthusiasts.

The beauty of pole dancing lies in its ability to unlock the potential within each individual. By unleashing our innermost creativity, we can discover unique ways to move our bodies that are both fun and freeing. The combination of artistry, athleticism, and self-expression provides an incredible sense of liberation that often leads to profound personal growth.

When first starting out in pole dancing, it can be hard to tackle your inhibitions and feel confident enough to perform certain moves. We all have moments where we feel scared or embarrassed about our performance. That's normal. Remember that everyone starts somewhere, and pole dancing is about progress over perfection. As time progresses, you will learn more challenging moves, build endurance, gain strength, and increase flexibility, all while developing your own unique style without fear or judgment from anyone else.

One powerful way to let go of your inhibitions while performing pole dance moves is through visualization techniques, picturing yourself achieving particular goals before attempting them on the pole. This helps create an environment where mistakes are seen as opportunities rather than failures, something which can be very helpful when trying something new or challenging. Additionally, visualizing successful outcomes can help boost confidence levels so that even if mistakes occur, they don't seem insurmountable or embarrassing anymore because you already know what success looks like ahead of time!

Aside from visualization techniques, another crucial element in letting go of inhibition while engaging in pole dance classes is embracing failure as part of the learning process. Everyone will make mistakes when trying out new things but it's important not to let this hold you back from progressing further. Instead turn those experiences into moments where you can learn something about yourself or your current skill level which will then lead onto better results later on down the line! Additionally, utilizing positive affirmations throughout class (or any activity) can reinforce one's belief that they are capable and courageous, good vibes attract more good vibes after all!

Ultimately there is no "one size fits all" approach when it comes to letting go of inhibitions during a pole dance class; everyone is on their own journey with different comfort levels and experiences leading up to the sessions themselves. However, small steps forward are still valuable achievements in terms of growth and progress and should always be looked upon positively regardless.

Letting go of your inhibitions when undertaking a pole dance class doesn't need to be daunting; by implementing simple strategies like visualization and positive affirmations beforehand alongside understanding that mistakes are part and parcel with any learning experience. Eventually achieving those goals won't seem so intimidating after all! So, take off those inhibiting chains and enjoy the liberating power that comes along with expressing yourself through movement. There's no better feeling than moving your body without fear or judgment. For only then will we truly understand how beautiful we really are inside and out!

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