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Kelsea Ballerini

The Cutesy Country Singer

By TestPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
Kelsea Ballerini
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Kelsea Ballerini is a beautiful pop country singer who writes at least one of her tracks by herself per project.

She has recently been through a heartbreaking divorce, but has chosen to pour her heart into her music and bless the world with her poignant lyrics.

Of course, this art has been formed from a place of deep, raw pain.

She created a series detailing her feelings about the separation from her now ex-husband, and the many experiences leading up to it, from her point of view:

Ballerini has always been an excellent singer and guitar player, but she blew people out of the water with this series. Her career has rocketed even further forward as a result.

She is quite down to earth on social media about imperfections such as cellulite and the like.

I appreciate that Kelsea has been open about her struggles such as her past eating disorder.

She's also exceptionally honest about physical enhancements that she has undergone, such as getting botox.

Honestly, I love Kelsea's music, and I love her as a person.

I truly appreciate how open she is, because I think this can be very difficult as a public figure.

I also found her poetry book absolutely phenomenal.

She documents relationship struggles and personal stories through her poems, daring to tackle the tough subjects.

Ballerini fought for years to secure her place in the spotlight, and has maintained it for quite some time now.

She is unapologetically herself, unafraid to be rather biographical in her music despite what some critics might say.

She's also unapologetic about where she is from: Knoxville, Tennessee.

Ballerini is absolutely beautiful, with her impeccable sense of fashion and her long blonde locks, but she's not afraid to say that she's actually a brunette and she's "fried her hair." 🙃

She enjoys putting on makeup and is quite good at it.

She even does tutorials online.

She also does makeup ads.

I like that Ballerini promotes clean products because many of these items are created with toxic chemicals that can affect a person's skin and hormones in a negative manner.

In short, Kelsea Ballerini is a very inspiring woman.

She isn't afraid to be her imperfect self and be honest with other women about her steps to enhance her beauty and alter her appearance, and she has even said that she prefers her freedom and independence, even though she loves love, like most of us do.

She is now quite happy with Chase, and she's been extremely open about that as well.

Kelsea Ballerini loves female friendships and seems quite happy.

Chase Stokes also seems to treat her quite well.

She has kept a lot of people happy and healthy with her Instagrams during COVID, which was very much appreciated.

Honestly, Kelsea's down home charm is, well, charming, and she seems to have a bit of an edge when it comes to her country music.

I do like, however, that her songs tend to empower women for the most part.

There was one in particular that I did enjoy because it was about female friendship, although it was obviously tongue-in-cheek because it mentioned killing husbands.

I also like that the woman doesn't take herself too seriously. The southern belle has evidenced this by her lighthearted ode to her love of wine.

Sometimes, women can be unfairly blamed for relationships going wrong without any blame being placed on the man. Women often face unrealistic beauty standards and are sometimes pressured by society to look a certain way not only for themselves, but for men.

Additionally, women are often expected to get married and have children.

While these are both wonderful steps in life, they are not necessary for women to be happy, despite what Hollywood might say on the matter.

Kelsea Ballerini is an inspiring, elegant, sassy, clever, and all-around wonderful woman who is never afraid to speak her mind, walk away if and when she needs to, and make her own choices in life.


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