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A Sexual Harassment Funny!

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Back to the reason you're here.

Sexual harassment is not funny. I know that. You know that. Everybody with sense knows that (well, maybe not so much according to the news). No is no. If you're trying to get with somebody and they don't want to get with you, then you need to leave them the fuck alone, period.

Why am I bringing this up you ask?

Well... I was sitting around, thinking about what to blog about and scrolling through my Twitter feed, minding my business, being nosey (shout out to one of my favorite vloggers 4TheLoveOfJoose) and I saw a link talking about Rosa Parks and how she was was a sexual harassment investigator. I checked it out. It was a very interesting article. But it also brought back a memory of a past accusation of sexual harassment in my life and I have to say, it was pretty funny... at least to me. I am going to share this memory with you and you, as the reader, let me know what you think — whether it was justified, whether it was crazy, whatever. True enough, you only get my side of this story but honestly, I feel that's enough information for you to make a wise decision. Like In Living Colour, I wrote a song about it. Like to hear it? Here it goes.

Back in NYC, during the summer, I was working for the summer youth program as a site supervisor. There was this guy who was extremely flirtatious with all the women of the office, including me. When he flirted with me, I flirted back. I was single so it was not a problem. I never really took him seriously because I saw what he did around the office. I did enjoy flirting with him, though, just for the sport of it. One day I saw him walking with this young lady and I decided to completely ignore her and start flirting with him. He looked surprised, embarrassed, and walked past me like he didn't know me. My response to that was "I guess that was bad timing on my part, huh?" with a devilish grin on my face. I walked away, not giving the whole scene a second thought. The next morning I was called into my supervisor's office to discuss allegations of sexual harassment against me. The hilarity of this accusation was the first thing my supervisor mentioned to me as I arrived in his office, but he still insisted on hearing my side of the story. Once I told him my side, he shared with me the fact that the dude filed charges against me to appease his girlfriend, who apparently was the young lady who was walking with him. Based on the fact that my supervisor, as well as everyone else in the office, had personally observed his whore ass ways, my side of the story, and that it was a known fact that he filed charges just to appease his so-called girlfriend... all charges were dropped. To this day, I think this is one of the most hilarious and most memorable moments of my life. The fact that he thought that he would get away with it, the fact that his girlfriend accepted that as a solution, and the big balls of the whole situation had me cracking up. Oh, when I told people about it in the office — that's when it became real comedy.

Good memories, I say.

Moral of the story.... Don't say it if it isn't real. I'm not saying that what's going on in the news isn't real, but if someone is out there faking it, they need to stop.

Just saying.

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