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Eliminating the Confusion Behind a Strong Woman

by Lisa Gerard Braun 19 days ago in relationships

3 Keys to Help You in Deciphering Her

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Deciphering a strong woman, what she wants, and how you can relate to her, is easier than it sounds.

I stumbled across a powerful article that I saved on my desktop for weeks.

I was inspired to dive in and write about the topic in a way I felt would have a greater impact. However, the one thing that I found troubling was the negative title. It gave me a feeling of doom. The information was solid ~ the approach was off-putting. To me, this matters.

By spinning the negative start to a positive opportunity for growth, I offer you:

The 3 Keys to Deciphering a Strong Woman

1. Why is she so strong?

2. Who is the strong woman?

3. What does she want?

* * *

Why is she so strong?

A strong woman has suffered, been tested, and discovered her own survival techniques to endure life's challenges. She has seen the darkness and fought her way to the light. She is strong because she had to be. She built her strength to combat trials and tribulations. She turned her back on being a victim. She took matters into her own hands to get a job done.

She has been knocked down, stepped on, diminished, and found those to be unacceptable treatments. She has risen above.

Who is the strong woman?

She is independent. The strong woman knows what she wants. She's intense. She's confident. She has tasted triumph. She can see through lies. She possesses tenacity and is not easily intimidated. The strong woman does not fear the truth. She has dissected trauma and faced it head-on. She will be forthcoming even if painful.

She is resilient. She has weathered the storms and knows she is better for them. She continues to delve into self-discovery to better understand others, too. She is compassionate.

What does she want?

The strong woman wants honesty. Consistency and integrity are paramount. She wants partners, equals, and to be respected for her strength. She wants unconditional love. She wants to be part of a team and not directed. The strong woman is not afraid to be vulnerable and expects the same confidence from others. She will not accept an imbalance of effort.

Pretty easy to understand, right?

So how do you have a successful friendship or any relationship with a strong woman?

Quick Guide to Successful Approaches for a Rewarding Relationship with a Strong Woman

Be confident and decisive

Be honest and vulnerable

Be an emotional support for her

Be faithful to her

Love her unconditionally

Strong women have traveled challenging roads. They have opted to be survivors and not victims. A strong woman doesn't want a hero or be made to feel weak. She wants respect. She doesn't need to be saved.

Indecisiveness and a lack of confidence are problematic for a strong woman. She is independent and won't wait for someone else to take their time getting a job done. She is swift and sure-footed, even when she is in unchartered waters.

A strong woman will see through lies and smooth-talking. She won't waste her time on insincerity.

She will have no problem leaving any relationship if she is used, taken advantage of, or played. She has the ability to recognize the need for, and to give, emotional support. She will not wait for people who are complacent about items of importance.

She will be fiercely faithful and love with intensity. What she gives in life she expects in return. She requires strength from others. She has lived growing strong and will openly share her faults and vulnerabilities.

The strong woman is really not an enigma.

In deciphering who she is, why she is strong, and what she wants out of life relationships you are better able to reap the benefits of knowing her.

* Author's Note: The inspiration for this article can be found here, from "Power of Positivity." I found the information valuable to draw from but was uncomfortable with their approach in using the word "can't" in the title which goes against my core belief system.

Come read more of my mixed bag HERE and thanks for letting me share.

Lisa Gerard Braun
Lisa Gerard Braun
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