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Best Leggings To Buy

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By Megan HendricksPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Leggings are a popular shopping choice for women nowadays. But there have been legging fails and brands that should not be purchased ever! I am going to tell you what brands are the best to buy for your situation. You need to keep in mind I am a believer in getting the best product for the lowest price, so all these options will be the best price.

Pregnant Women

If you are reading option it's because you're pregnant, or you just love to read all options. If you are pregnant I get it, wearing leggings is the best option for comfort and style but you want to make sure you are wearing them right. I found a few brand that is great for maternity Ill list them below.

* Gap Pure Body Leggings

These leggings are 30$ and the elastic in the top is durable but will not dig into your cute pregnant tummy.

* ASOS Over The Bump Maternity Leggings

The ASOS leggings are priced at 40$ so a little more pricey but they have great coverage.

*Old Navy Under the Bump Panel Leggings

These leggings are surprisingly durable and great for the under the bump fit. The leggings cost 15$ so they are a great price for the quality that you get.


So you are wanting the comfy look, or you hate pants but still have to put on clothes. I found the best casual leggings for those that don't love to work out, but love the legging fashion.

* American Apparel Cotton-spandex

American Apparel I am not the biggest fan of but I love these leggings. They are not sheer so you can wear them anywhere and they are only $15!

*SlickBlue Faux Leather Leggings

Are you feeling a little adventurous? These leggings would be great for you they have a leather look but they are good quality and keep everything put together. Leggings Like this are usually cheaper these fun for the price of $12.



Let's just take a nap and forget about getting dressed. The leggings I am about to list are the best for the days you don't feel like leaving the house.

*Calvin Klien Leggings

These leggings are really cute and great for a casual day. These type of leggings can be sheer so you wouldn't wear the leggings outside. These leggings cost $40 they are a little more pricey so if you want to rock the comfy style that is all up to you.

*Forever 21 Leggins

Leggings like these are cute but I wouldn't bend over in them. these leggings are cheap, costing you about $5 and they are great for a day in.

Work Out

I am someone that loves to work out and it can be hard to find leggings that aren't creeper proof. The leggings in the list are all great for working out.

*Fabletics Leggings

I saw these leggings by Demi Lovato and I didn't know how good they would be. Fabletics leggings have no sheer overling to them making them great for squatting. Right now you can get two pairs for $20.

* Nike Power Leggings

These legging can range from $15-$40 so they can be pricey. Nike Leggings is some of the best quality without spending $98.

*Reebok Training Leggings

When it comes to training these leggings will not fail you. For those that like the lower cut these are great, I like the high waisted more but whatever works for you. Prices for these leggings can change too can range from $20-$40.

I hope your questions have been answered and you think about this next time you shop for leggings.


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