Being a Woman.

by Liga Dixon 17 days ago in feminism

Surviving in the world full of stereotypes.

Being a Woman.
Being a woman is the greatest superpower and hardest task one can have.

How do we survive in the world with so many stereotypes about women?

Most women grow up being told what to do, where their place is, not giving her the voice or the choice. We grow up thinking we need to settle for mediocre because nothing better will come around, told to be less ambitious, because no one will take us seriously, told to keep our opinions to ourselves because men should have their say. We are told to put up with what a man does, because he is allowed the luxury to do what he wants. We are told what to wear to attract a man and what not to wear to avoid sexual abuse. We are told not to be too skinny because men like some meat on those bones or too big as men won't find us sexy.

So many women I know have been in physically or emotionally abusive relationships and they stay there, because they've been told that no one else would love them anyway. They live through hell, and struggle to find a way out, simply because they think they are not worthy enough.

Let me tell you something- you do deserve better and you will get someone better. No man who thinks he can abuse a woman verbally or physically is worth even a second of your time!

I was also there-in relationship with overly jealous and abusive partner. I was also told I don't deserve any better and I put all my life, my dreams, my hopes on hold just to satisfy his never-ending securities and demands, but even that wasn't enough! I was as low as one can be, but you know what? I picked up the last drops of any self-esteem I still had left, took the gamble and left him. I embraced the possibility to never be noticed by someone else as I was told so. Guess what? Someone better did come around! In fact, I am celebrating 7 years of happy marriage with him this year. What changed? I started loving myself, I learned from my mistakes, I learned that there is absolutely no point of trying to please someone else, as it will never be enough for them. The only person you need to please and look after is yourself!!

All taboos about what women should or shouldn't do are created by men. Reality is- most men are too weak to handle strong women, so they choose to put them down instead, make them into sexual objects instead of appreciating their intelligence, their incredible ability to love, care and create. I think deep down inside men know that if given a complete freedom, women would become the strongest force this world has seen.

So yes ladies- you do have the rights to your opinion, rights to be ambitious, rights to leave if you feel unhappy. You can be as skinny or as curvy as you like, you can wear a mini skirt or bikini and have rights not to be a target of sexual comments. You can buy and wear that sexy lingerie or a dress for your own joy, not because you need to please someone else. You have the rights to be a woman you want to be!

Liga Dixon
Liga Dixon
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