Amir Tavassoli

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I was sexually assaulted by Amir Tavassoli

Amir Tavassoli

I was sexually assaulted by Amir Tavassoli

When it happened, Amir Tavassoli had reached out to me & invited me to a nightclub in Santa Ana promising me free entry. I didn’t know who he was but I knew a few friends of mine who frequented that nightclub so I decided to attend. It’s important to mention that none of my friends happened to attend that particular nightclub that night. When I got there Amir Tavassoli started telling everyone I was his drug dealer, which was untrue. In my opinion, he was saying these thing in attempts to brag about knowing a drug dealer. Again, the statements Amir Tavassoli was making about me being his drug dealer were untrue. Prior to that night I had never met or communicated with Amir Tavassoli.

With early access from Amir Tavassoli I was able to bring in my own alcohol so needless to say I got pretty drunk pretty early in the evening. As the night progressed I then got completely wasted at the nightclub with Amir Tavassoli & he was all over me. Honestly, I needed more alcohol to be able to stomach him being all over me. Throughout the night he put several videos & pictures of me all over Snapchat with him kissing me, my neck, & holding onto my waist. Eventually I was so uncomfortable with his clearly unreciprocated behavior & advancements that I went to a different bar without him & met up with a friend Matt.

As the night continued, I continued to drink with my friend Matt for a few hours at several bars nearby the nightclub Amir Tavassoli was at. Amir Tavassoli had reached out to me several times asking where I was & if I was coming back but I just ignored his calls & messages. I had no intention of contacting him again that night. At some point around midnight or so I decided to go sit in my car until I sobered up enough to drive home to Irvine meanwhile my friend Matt has gone home as well. It took a while for me to stumble to my car, I was extremely intoxicated. When I finally got to my car I realized I’d lost my car keys. I called my friend Matt who I had went off with for several hours but I got no answer. I didn’t feel confident in walking around to all the bars to look for my keys as I was heavily intoxicated at this point, pretty much unable to stand or walk any further.

This is where I had no choice but to call Amir Tavassoli. I asked him if he had seen my keys anywhere around the nightclub he’d gotten me into. I asked him if he could maybe check in the back room where I had been keeping the drinks we brought in earlier that night. I asked him to check around for me & see if he could locate them at the nightclub. He asked where I was, I told him. HUGE FUCKING MISTAKE.

Amir Tavassoli came just as I began puking in the parking lot next to my car. I was unable to stand anymore so I sat down & leaned up against my car. I continued to throw up & I was throwing up all over my dress, the ground around me, it was so gross & embarrassing. Amir Tavassoli was sweet & sat down next to me to take care of me. . . right? WRONG.

Amir Tavassoli sat down next to me & began to shove his hand up my dress & into my underwear. I tried to move away but I was too drunk to even walk let alone get up & move away from him. This act of sexual harassment lasted several minutes. Eventually he stopped & left. I sat there feeling ashamed & used but I didn’t have my keys so I could hide in my car locked away from him. I couldn’t walk anywhere & even if I could I was a young female wearing a dress & healing & it’s not safe to leave the nightlife part of town in Santa Ana. Unfortunatly it wasn’t safe to had stayed there either, was it? Just a few minutes after he had left Amir Tavassoli came back with a few of his friends & said he was gonna go look for my keys. While he was gone for the second time I ended up passing out & napping in the parking lot leaning against my car while covered in my own vomit after being violated. Thankfully Amir Tavassoli & his friends never came back & after a few hours I sobered up enough to call someone for a ride home.

The next day I reached out to Amir Tavassoli & I expressed to him I was appalled at his actions. He immediately apologized for the entire thing but as I recall he was very careful with his wording, never to admit to anything, just apologize. Then almost immediately after his insincere apology he made up this whole story about how he wanted me to delete the conversation history because he was trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile all the pictures & videos of him being all over me were still on Snapchat so his story didn’t make sense. I called him out on the fact that his story on Snapchat still featured him & I together & that me deleting messages on my end had ZERO effect on his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend reading any sort of messages. So I refused. Amir Tavassoli got angry & immediately blocked me on all platforms.

A few months later I saw some girl post about how she was sexually assaulted or harassed by Amir Tavassoli.

That is when I went public with my story about about Amir Tavassoli & how he sexually assaulted me.

A bunch of people saw my post about Amir Tavassoli & encouraged me to confront his family. I got his parents home address in Irvine & I went there on Facebook Live. Unfortunately the Facebook Live video was recorded on a previous Facebook account I got locked out of so I can no longer access the video. I’m going to do my best to describe everything that took place on that video. First, I made the video public so not only could my Facebook friends see it, but it’s got shared. A LOT OF SHARES.

When I initially confronted Amir Tavassoli’s mother, I told her all about what he had done to me. I was very calm, I was not aggressive or rude, but I was stern & assertive. I went into all the details. I explained that her son Amir Tavassoli had invited me out, I explained that I got very drunk & that he was all over me. I explained that his actions were not being reciprocated so I left. I explained that I continued to drink, eventually went to my car, realized my keys were missing so I called him for help. I explained that I began vomiting all over myself & was unable to walk or leave. I explained that he came, sat down next to me, shoved his hands up my dress & into my underwear & then sexually assaulted me for several minutes. His mom began to cry. She expressed to me one girl supposedly lied about him sexually assaulting her at Irvine Valley College & because of it people don’t like him. She told me that he wants to kill himself because people don’t like him.

This is the part that fucking gets under my nerves. . . I KID YOU NOT. . . I TOLD THIS WOMAN TO HER FACE HER SON NAMED AMIR TAVASSOLI SEXUALLY ASSAULTED ME & ALL SHE COULD DO WAS DEFEND HER SON SAYING PEOPLE BULLY HIM OVER LIES. This woman was so fucking oblivious to reality.

We talked for a while & she asked me some questions about myself & I repeatedly circled back to the fact that her son Amir Tavassoli sexually assaulted me. At one point she asked if she could hug me. I wanted to try & get her to relate to me, understand I was hurt, I was a victim, so I agreed.

So after this Facebook Live video got a bunch of views & got shared MANY times, course Amir Tavassoli found out I went to his parents house. Hundreds of people saw the video & shared it.

At this point Amir Tavassoli started telling lies about me to discredit me almost immediately. He’s made Facebook posts about me spreading mistruths about me. He’s posted screenshots of my Facebook profile in online groups & forums dedicated to harassing people so that people will message me hateful things including some of the same claims Amir Tavassoli makes about me. Not only does Amir Tavassoli write countless articles about me where he makes COUNTLESS false accusations, but he occasionally will post new articles every so often with my updated current location included. Additionally, it seems like every time I reshare this story about him somewhere online Amir Tavassoli posts yet another new article. All the articles he writes about me are on sites like TheDirty, TheCheatAlert, PreditorAlertUS, ReportCheater, FoulSpeakers, DirtyHomeWreckers, BadGirlReports, CheaterBoard, & that’s just what I found doing a 2 minute Google Search for my first & last name.

Below are just three of the articles he’s posted about me recently.

One of the Many Articles He’s Written About Me

What makes this whole situation with Amir Tavassoli worse is that IT’S NOT JUST ME. Here’s the thing, if it was just me & I was his only victim, the only woman he sexually assaulted, the only person he threatened, the only person he tried to discredit, & the only person he tried to harass, I PROMISE YOU that I wouldn’t be so bothered. But there’s COUNTLESS just like me. Seemly every time I post about Amir Tavassoli more & more people come out & say they too were sexually assaulted by Amir Tavassoli, or that they were also threatened by Amir Tavassoli, that they too were also blocked by him after they confronted Amir Tavassoli or disagreed with what Amir Tavassoli had to say. I am NOT ALONE.

In addition to all of his previous acts I’ve just described Amir Tavassoli also messaged me on Facebook Messanger & threatened to shoot me & I quote saying “I will put a bullet in your head” & Amir Tavassoli tried to intimidate me by saying that even if I go to the police that they won’t listen to me or believe me because I have a criminal record.

Below I’ve included screenshots of those messages Amir Tavassoli sent me before he blocked me on Facebook.

Next I thought for this part I would copy & paste the article Amir Tavassoli repeatedly posts about me on various sites & clarify & correct the article with the correct information. I can’t wait to see a bunch of my corrections used against me in the next updated article Amir Tavassoli posts.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: She suffers from severe mental illnesses and is constantly making poor choices and faces serious consequences for her actions.

REALITY: While it is true I suffer from depression & bipolar disorder, I’ve been on medication for years & voluntarily go to weekly therapy. So, sure Amir Tavassoli, I have mental issues but at least I’m actively working on bettering myself.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: She steals from her own friends and constantly begs other people for money

REALITY: Can anyone attest to this? Anyone?

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: all the money she makes while working a part-time job goes towards drugs.

REALITY: I’m really confused as to where he get his info from but I haven’t worked a part-time job since 2013 when I was 18 back in Idaho Falls, Idaho when I worked at Dominos Pizza. Additionally, I’ve been sober from all hard drugs since January 27, 2014 which is ironically the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: She has been arrested and put in jail multiple times for drug-usage, false police reports and being under the influence while driving.

REALITY: I have never been arrested for drugs or for making false police reports. A quick Google Search of my name will not only show you all the articles Amir Tavassolihas written, but with a little digging you can find several different arrest records which include an assault charge, 2 DUI charges, & several traffic citations. In this day & age it’s easy to find arrest records & there are none that point to or suggest drugs or false police reports. But nice try, Amir Tavassoli.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: Her daughter had been taken away by CPS a few years back due to all her unlawful behavior and for her bad habits.

REALITY: It is true that CPS was called & did an investigation & interviewed my daughter after I CALLED THEM over some concerns I had with a relative of my daughters. But let me be VERY CLEAR, I personally have NEVER been investigated by CPS, my daughter has NEVER been taken my CPS, nor has she ever been out of my custody nor has my custodial or parental rights ever been taken by any court. Get your facts straight, Amir Tavassoli.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: She attends all these festivals by giving sexual favors to promoters and event managers in order to obtain VIP/Artist access.

REALITY: I would absolutely love the name of one of these people I’ve slept with because it just so happens that I have an EXTREMELY detailed list of everyone I’ve ever slept with in my entire life & I can assure you I’ve never slept with a promoter or event manager, period. I’ve only slept with one person I’ve met in the desert & ironically I dated him for over 2 years. & Amir Tavassoli, if you wanna make your lies more believable, consider the fact that I don’t attend mainstream events or club events & I haven’t for years. All of the events I attend don’t even have VIP/Artist Access. Underground desert parties don’t have those & they don’t have event promoters either; but nice try.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: She is also banned from several venues for fighting and being excessively drunk/intoxicated.

REALITY: Amir Tavassoli, can you please be so kind & name one venue in your next article you post about me? Cause yeah, this is the first I’m hearing of being banned from any venues. Also, just a little side note for your next article, I’ve literally never been in a physical fight with anyone in my entire life as I know that I’m not very strong & I know I have literally zero skills so I don’t fight people. But again, NICE TRY!

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: She has a history of making false sexual assault allegations against people in the rave/EDM scene

REALITY: I’ve made claims against Amir Tavassoli before, yes, many times. & I will continue to do so as long as he’s a free man. Are they false claims? No. They are accurate & I stand by them wholeheartedly.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: When she tried to make a police report, the officer didn’t buy her story which lead to legal action being taken against her.

REALITY: I have never made a police report against Amir Tavassoli for anything. I knew that after he assaulted me there would be no evidence. I have a pretty good idea of the criminal justice system works. How could there from him shoving his hand into my underwear? If it had gone to court it would have been a he said she said scenario & I didn’t wanna put myself through that just to give Amir Tavassoli a chance to try & discredit yet another victim in court. Therefore, if I never filed a police report, how would legal action have been taken against me? Amir Tavassolii, can you clarify that in your next article for me? Thanks.

AMIR’S FALSE CLAIM: she’ll go and make huge Facebook posts slandering their names and trying to ruin their reputation by discrediting them.

REALITY: I will repeatedly make Facebook posts about Amir Tavassoli & what he did to me, ABSOLUTELY! Until the day he’s locked up like the caged animal he is, I will continue to post about him & I will share my story as to what he’s done to me. Again & again & again. ABSOLUTELY!

Lastly, I have something to say directly to Amir Tavassoli: When will I stop? I have an answer to that just in case you’re curious. One day you’ll be arrested & I don’t know if it’ll be here in Orange County, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, or wherever you run & hide next. But I assure you, one day you’ll be arrested & I just hope it’s nearby. Why? Because when you’re locked up & wearing a bright orange jumpsuit I wanna come visit you. I’ll sit down & just look at you with PURE FUCKKNG JOY. I’ll just sit there looking at you & I won’t say a single word. Maybe you’ll see me walk in & you’ll instantly get up to leave, if they let you that is. Or maybe you’ll sit there. Whether I get to see you repping that orange suit for just a few second or the full hour, I’m just gonna sit there & look at you & soak it all in. & ya know what Amir Tavassoli? I’m gonna fucking LOVE every second of it. I hope you get so angry that you shout at me, scream at me, stay nasty shit to me from behind the glass cage you will have your yourself in. The best part though won’t be seeing you. No. The best part Amir Tavassoli will be the fact that me coming to see you will be burned in your head. You’ll go back to your cell & I PROMISE YOU that you’ll think of me. Not just for the duration of our visit. 10 seconds. An hour. Nope. I promise you’ll think of me for DAYS on end. Maybe even weeks. & that my friend will be my favorite part. All I gotta say is see you then.

Annastasia Rose Beal
Annastasia Rose Beal
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