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10 Fun Activities to Spice Up a Long-Distance Relationship

by Abena about a month ago in relationships

Have fun and make the most of your long-distance relationship

10 Fun Activities to Spice Up a Long-Distance Relationship
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I suffered through a long-distance relationship, I don’t plan on going through that hell again, not if I can help it anyway. If you are in a long-distance relationship right now, I know it’s tough; that’s why I have compiled ten creative ways to spice a long-distance relationship.

No awkward Zoom Sex here, let’s get started!

Make Some Art Together

Get messy, have some fun! There are many video art tutorials on YouTube, pick one and get busy. No peaking! Compete with each other to draw or paint the best artistic masterpiece ever.

Find a Recipe Online and Cook Together

We live in a wonderful world where we can search for recipes for every type of cuisine in the world. Pick a dish that you have both never tried before and have some fun in the kitchen. You need to be on Zoom or a Whatsapp video call for this. Sit down and enjoy your meal together, love it or hate it! You get to spend some quality time together and try a new meal at the same time. Bonus!

Send a Care Box

By now, you should know all the little things that your partner loves. Create a thoughtful care box for your beau with their favourite candy, love notes, pictures, perfume and other bits, they will certainly love it. Remember to put some thought into it, a little effort goes a long way.

4. Get Dressed Up and Have a Virtual Date Night

Sounds cheesy I know, but trust me, it’s a good idea! Get dressed up in your best clothes and have a virtual date night. There are lots of ideas for virtual date night, find some interesting cocktail recipes and make some cocktails together. Make sure you prepare a delicious meal or order take-out, you don’t want to get too drunk!

If you want to take it one step further, decorate your room with candles and flowers. If you like, pour a nice glass of wine and finish the night with a long hot, bubble bath.

5. Virtual Games Night

Choose some online games and set up a virtual games night. There are so many free games online to choose from. Here is a list of virtual games night ideas, take your pick! >>>>Virtual Games Night Ideas

6. Take the Virtual Couple Challenge

There are lots of virtual couple challenges on Tik Tok, go ahead and pick a few. Post them on your Instagram or Tik Tok, endless laughter!

7. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a joint YouTube channel, do challenges, vlogs and other interesting activities on camera. Other long-distance couples will appreciate a channel like this, give it a try!

8. Create a Vision Board Together

Plan your life together with a virtual vision board. Create a private Pinterest board and pin your dream house, your favourite vacation spots and much more. Pick one day in the week to search for cool images online to fill up your dream Pinterest board.

Vision boards are fun to make and they help you to stay positive and focused.

9. Learn a Language Together

Learn a foreign language together by downloading the Duo Lingo app or any other language app. The goal isn’t to be fluent in a specific language but just to learn the basics. Enjoy the process of learning a new language and get some extra bonding time as you learn.

10. Virtual Book Club

If you both like reading, create a virtual book club. Choose a new book to read every two weeks and sit down to discuss it. You can do the same with movies too, choose a new film to watch and discuss the movie in detail, enjoy!

Try some of these fun and creative ideas to spice up your long-distance relationship. It’s not easy but if you focus on all the negative aspects of being in a long-distance relationship, it won’t work. Focus on the positives and enjoy your virtual time together, plan your future and look forward to the next time you get to spend some much-deserved physical time together.



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