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10 beauty hacks and hygiene saviors

by LeAnn Murch about a year ago in health
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As women we are always looking for better ways to take care of ourselves. We enjoy smelling good and feeling clean at all times. But let's face it the daily chores of life get in the way of staying and feeling pretty at all times. I've lived and learned a lot over the years and thought I'd share a few of my secret routines and tricks to help make life just a tad bit easier on us women.

1. Scott's 1-ply tissue paper

I know so many people complain about 1-ply toilet paper but ladies let's face it, we cannot ignore that we stay moist down under majority of the day. Wiping with any other toilet paper leaves behind crumbs and residue that isn't pleasant. Wet wipes are expensive and sometimes we forget to use them or leave them at home. Not to mention they leave you feeling like you just hopped out of the shower and you need to sit for a few to air dry. Scott's 1ply is by far the best I've ever used, it leaves nothing behind and it's quite strong. Trust me on this one ladies, try it!

2. The Killer for yeast infections and BV

We've all been there with stinky odors and itchiness. It happens to us all at some point, our pH balance gets thrown off and bam our bodies react and it's a hot ass mess. Yeast infection treatment kits are so gross and can be expensive. I know some people have heard the plain yogurt trick but its messy and can be very tricky to get it inside. Yes going to see your doctor and getting a pill is the best bet but honestly who has time for all that?! I recommend The Killer by love wellness, you can get it from Amazon or ultra. Its literally a life saver, especially for those days you're feeling a little funky down there.

3. Coconut oil for mascara/eyeliner

When your mascara and liquid eyeliner start to dry out or seems to be running low put a couple eye drops of coconut oil in side and mix it around. Ta-da it's like it's new again!! Try not to do it too many times, too much can make it too oily.

4. Extend your nail polish with remover

When your favorite nail polish is running low or getting too clumpy just add a few drops of nail polish remover and mix it around. It really does work and doesn't mess with the color. I learned this from a nail technician and have saved so many of my dried out nail polishes. It works!!

5. Coconut oil as shaving cream

Be gone razor bumps! We've all had our issues with razor bumps and itchiness from razor burn. Most shaving creams work great for your legs but not for your lady parts. I've always had issues with razor bumps from shaving my armpits and bikini area. Someone informed me that coconut oil works the best and ladies let me tell you she was right on. I haven't had any razor burn or bumps since I started using coconut oil to shave. And please do not try to substitute with other oils, trust me I tried but nothing compares to coconut oil.

6. Toothpaste for chapped lips

I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to chapstick, I literally have a tube all over the house and in my purse. I hate chapped lips especially when I wear lipstick. Nobody wants to put lipstick over cracked lips so I discovered putting white toothpaste over your lips and letting it set for 10 seconds then wiping it off with a warm rag works wonders. It leaves your lips feeling nice and smooth and minty!!

7. chelating your hair

Sounds weird but its such an easy thing to do and leaves your hair feeling super soft and squeaky clean! Using heavy conditioners and lots of hairspray or gel can cause all kinds of gunk to build up and weigh your hair down. So grab some dawn dish soap (buy a small one from a dollar store) and a real lemon (not concentrated lemon juice). Wash your hair with the dish soap really REALLY good then rinse it out. While you're still in the shower, squeeze the lemon all over your hair, rub it in like conditioner. Then rinse and use your best conditioner. Easiest thing to do to keep your hair light and super clean!

8. Coconut oil as teeth whitener

I know this list mostly contains coconut oil but what can I say the stuff is Godsend. It's truly amazing for everything. It doesn't whiten the way strips or gels do but it does help brighten your teeth from a weeks worth of coffee build up. I notice throughout the week my teeth start to yellow and look dull. I use whitening kits maybe every 3 months but to keep up with it I've noticed coconut oil helps keep them bright and shinny.

9. Eyedrops

This isn't so much a beauty hack but it's something that bothers me. We spend so much time doing our makeup but from all that rubbing over our eyes and caking things on it irritates them. After you're finished making yourself look flawless you're left with red eyes and that just brings your look down so I recommend using eyedrops after doing your makeup. So your eyes are bright white and lovely to look at. I also do this anytime before taking a picture, it just helps to avoid having dull red eyes in your photo.

10. Tea bags for puffy eyes

Used tea bags can come in handy for so many different things when it comes to your skin but my favorite is for puffy eyes. I'm always making green tea before I do my makeup in the morning. Let the tea bags cool off and then place them over your puffy, tired eyes and relax for a good 10 minutes. You'll see a huge difference in your eyes. Not to mention you can use black tea bags to help tone your skin!! Go head and give it a try!


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