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Paris 2024: Nations are practising for the Olympic Breaking contest

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Paris 2024: Nations are practising for the Olympic Breaking contest

Breakdancing, if head spins, windmills, and even elbow rotations are your item. Then you’ll want to be altered into the Paris Olympics 2024 because breakdancing is officially fetching a sport. If the movie Step Up is the root of your familiarity with breakdancing. Then you’re in for rather a surprise. In yet another sign of the IOC's struggles to attract viewers from different subgroups. Breaking will make its introduction at the 2024 edition.

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Sports such as skateboarding, BMX, and rock hiking all made their introduction arrivals at the Tokyo Olympic games. And ‘breaking’ will trail suit in an attempt to attract younger audiences. So for those not aware of the rules, this is how it will work. Players will battle each other one-on-one in clashes with each applicant taking turns in a ‘throw-down’. A DJ will lay down a tune and a contestant will have 60 seconds to reply and adapt their moves to the music.

Their challenger will try to outdo them in some way, with participants going round for round against each other. And acts won’t just be based just on how cool they look. The ‘Trivium system’ will see executives judge the contributors based on body, mind, and soul.

The ‘Trivium system’ will see executives judge for a Breakdancing contest

The body will refer to the physical moves laid down by the participant. The mind will be the imagination a contestant has in response to the music and the opposition’s dance moves. And the soul will be the interpretive flair and style linked with the moves. The battles are also more strategic than one may assume. Olympic Breaking players will examine their opponent’s powers and flaws and adapt their routine to showcase the other’s errors.

Berlin-based dancer Niels Robitzky told the media, If I know that your faintness is footwork, for instance, I’d do some footwork. Because I’d know you wouldn’t be able to react. With the growing admiration of the sport over the past few decades. It will be a fanciful chance to showcase the talents on a whole new stage.

Val-de-Marne to host Japanese breaking group for Summer Games 2024

Val-de-Marne is to host Japan's breaking team for the Olympic Games 2024. After a formal contract was made with the local council. Olivier Capitanio, President of the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council, finalised the deal. With the head of the Japanese breaking designation for the 2024 Games, Marrock Watanabe. The team is to organise the Games at La Briqueterie arts centre in Vitry-sur-Seine. During their break, southeast of the city of Paris.

Later in the year, apparatus will be available for the team, giving them a year's worth of training at the site. We would have liked an Olympic event in Val-de-Marne, that's clear. But we are very happy at the idea of backing to the preparation, said Capitanio, according to media. No sport is to take place in Val-de-Marne, excluding a brief encounter on the cycling trial route through Vincennes.

However, 30 facilities can be used for measures across 16 towns in the area. Breaking is set to make its Olympic inauguration at the Paris Olympics 2024. Having previously featured at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Turkish dance game association picked its new champions before Olympic Breaking

The new winners were determined in the Hip-Hop and breakdancing contests organized by the Turkish Dance Sports Federation in Istanbul. Dozens of contestants coming from different provinces and opposing different age groups presented a visual feast. The heart of the dance beat at the contests held in Istanbul at the weekend. The new winners of Turkey in Hip-Hop and Breaking, the two most popular dance genres of the last era.

They were determined with the battles held on January 21-22, 2023. XchangeTickets.com offers Olympic Games 2024 Tickets at the best prices. Olympic fanatics can buy Paris Olympic Tickets at exclusively discounted prices. The partnership with Lacoste is a great tribute to me. I’ve always been a big fan of the product. I’m looking forward to working collected and I hope to inspire many more people to love Lacoste, stated Nguyen.

The tournament was organized by the Turkish dance sports federation, headed by Tolga Han. He is known as the person who made dance common in Turkey and took place at the SDR Dance Center. In the contests attended by Selcuk Cebi, leader of the athlete training department of the ministry of youth and sports. Both national standings and new national squad athletes who will signify our country in Olympic Games 2024 were determined.

Olympic team anticipation of Breaking

The Turkish contest was held on Sunday in the Olympic division. This will take place for the first time in 2024. In the Turkey-breaking contest, where the Olympic state team to be nominated from among the victors will be decided. Oguzhan Karademir came first, Furkan Yılmaz second, and Murat Abdurrahmanaoglu third in the men over the age of 18 groups. Jasmijn Millie arose first, Nadire Selin second, and Ebru Tug third in the girls over the age of 18 groups.

The winners in other classes were decided. Efe Cem in men's U-18 boys and Nadire Selin in girls came first. Emir Sonmez in U-16 boys and Ceylin Han in girls became the winners of Turkey by winning first place. Nurperi Yedikardeser in girls and Cenk Midillic in boys won the first cup in the U-14 classification.

The awards and medals of the victors of the Turkish Hip-Hop Contest were offered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports Athlete Training Department Head Selcuk Cebi. The winners in the hip-hop contest were as follows. Omer Ozturk in the over-21 group, Berfin Senturk in the U-21, Sava Okan in the U-16, Emir Sonmez in the U-12, and Lal Oncu in the U-9 won the first position in Turkey. They became winners.

We give every economic and ethical funding for global achievement

Turkey Dance Sports Federation President Tolga Han Cinkitas gave info about his work on breaking. This is the Olympic branch, said, after the Olympic Breaking was declared, we started wide studies in this field. We continue our hunt for talent across Turkey with the backing of our clubs. There were very few contestants participating in the competitions in girls. Our struggles to train new contestants are starting to pay off.

I am glad to see that the attention in Breaking has amplified especially in the younger age groups. As the federation, we will last to give all kinds of financial and moral care to all our athletes. Those who have achieved global success, to the extent of our possibilities. In 2023, we will have five continental trials and one World Cup, where the champions will be classified for 2024.

The remaining posts are disputed in the first half of 2024, remarked Bispo. This way, break boys and break girls can succeed by winning certain tournaments. There will be 12 openings defined, six of each classification. By the downfalls of the continental and World Championships.

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