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Olympic Games: France plans surveillance control for Paris 2024

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Security facilities want smart camera expertise during Olympic Games 2024. Critics terror it’ll turn the state into an observation state. France is seeking to hugely expand its arsenal of surveillance controls and tools. To secure the millions of travellers expected for the 2024 event. Among the plans are large-scale, real-time camera structures supported by an algorithm to spot suspicious behaviour. Including unverified luggage and alarming crowd movements like panics.

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Representatives will vote on a law presenting the new controls. They are supposed to be temporary, with some officials pushing to allow debated facial recognition technology. The dangers are high for Summer Games 2024. The government acutely wants to avoid failures like the ones that hurt its status. During the Champions League, finally, last summer and the shock of the 2015 terror attacks still looms over the state.

But the tactics are already causing an uproar among privacy activists. The Olympics 2024 are used as a cause to pass the security expertise industry has long been waiting for, said Bastien Le Querrec from digital rights NGO La Quadrature du Net, who's leading a drive against algorithmic video supervision. The French management already backtracked on installing facial recognition. After lawmakers within President Emmanuel Macron’s common party raised alarms.

For the Olympics Games, France even now has the cameras

It was also forced by the nation's data guard authority and top managerial court to build in more privacy safeguards. For now, the law would allow for the investigation of surveillance systems. The trial is thought to end in June 2025 10 months after the sports tournament wraps up. Critics, however, fear the law will lead to annoying surveillance in the long term. One key query is what will happen to the AI-powered policies once the Olympic Games are over.

Especially since the guideline mentions not only sports occasions but also "festive" and "cultural" meetings. In the past, Le Querrec advised security actions initially designed to be temporary. For example, the state of emergency that followed the 2015 assaults ended up becoming lasting. Whether the tech lasts the Olympics will depend on how the final law is printed.

According to Francisco Klauser, a lecturer at the University of Neuchatel, who has written about surveillance and sporting occasions. In the past mega-events, there is always an inheritance, he said. Nations staging major occasions are under odd situations and time pressure. That often mean systems get positioned that otherwise would have been debated much more deeply, he added.

Systems will need to be trained on datasets for months before the Olympics kick-off

IBM helped Rio de Janeiro install a control room in a vision of the 2016 Summer Games. the tech is still active to this day, Klauser said. For the 2024 event, France already has the cameras but will need to buy the software to examine the footage. An official from the interior department told politico. Philippe Latombe, an MP from the moderate Macron-allied party Modem, said that French firms. Such as Atos, Idemia, XXII and Datakalab, among others, would be able to provide such tech.

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The politician is co-chairing a fact-finding task on video surveillance in public spaces. After the Senate votes on the law to allow the carrying out of tests with the surveillance systems. The legislation will go to the National Assembly, and lawmakers in both chambers are expected to fight over the balance between privacy and security. Time is by now running out, Latombe warned. As algorithms will need to be skilled on datasets for months before the Olympic Games kick off.

Concern rises over the absence of air conditioning in the Paris Olympic 2024 village

The lack of air conditioning in the rooms of the participants' village for the Paris 2024. It is raising anxieties from some alliances and athletes, sources said on Tuesday. The Village, founded seven kilometres north of central Paris, will provide accommodations nearly for 14,000 athletes and staff associates. During the events in the French capital in July and August 2024.

Planners have assured the global event will be carbon neutral, with the use of supplies chosen for their energy act. After the games, the Olympic village will be transformed into housing. Nicolas Ferrand head of Solideo, which has been elected to construct the buildings, said there was no problem to address. We are building rooms where it will be six degrees chiller than the outside temperature. During the French summer, he told a news conference.

If the local forming committee later demands air conditioning. There will be air conditioning, he added, while warning that the carbon footprint would be affected. It's an inquiry for society. Do we jointly accept being at six degrees less and having a brilliant carbon footprint? Or do we say it's not okay, and we're ready to reduce the carbon footprint, Ferrand said? The option of another scorching summer, with fevers above 40 degrees Celsius.

The comforts have not calmed down everyone

Imagine numerous days in a row at more than 40 degrees, in rooms at 34 degrees. It's still appealing crazy that these set-ups have not led to any changes, said a high-ranking French sports official. Olympic Games organizers have selected to make the 2024 event an ecological project, said another generous figure.

But in the occasion of a heat wave, the well-being of the athletes is not taken into account. Some sports alliance is already looking for answers, including finding lodgings elsewhere. If they carry on like this, they will empty the village, he added. Paris Olympic 2024 coordinators are considering their options, including using floor fans. It's still a work in development, they said.

The agreement will be required for body scanners at Paris 2024

France's Council Law Commission has adopted four revisions to a Bill enabling the use of airport-style body scanners. At the Olympics and 2024 Paralympics, including the requirement for "express" consent by guests. The Bill would allow body scanners to be used by private security agents at sporting, recreational and cultural events of more than 300 people instead of security searches.

Le Monde gossips that this is intended to prevent terrorist attacks. As well as crowd actions or the stagnation of spectators which can cause serious incidents or constitute targets static. The changes seek to clarify the conditions of using the scanners. They cannot be imposed on venues, and may only be fixed at the manager's choice under one of the amendments.

The Olympics Inaugural Ceremony along the River Seine is likely to be a major challenge

Individuals are also vital to give express consent to undergo examination by a body scanner. And must be made aware of substitute security searches which can be undertaken in the event of a refusal. Similar body scanners have been used at the last two men's FIFA World Cups in Russia and Qatar. Security is one of the main issues in the build-up to Paris 2024. The Inaugural Ceremony along the River Seine is likely to be a major challenge.

Funding for safekeeping was increased by €25 million (£21.9 million/$27 million). Nearly 30,000 police workplaces and gendarmes are set to be armed each day for the duration of the Games. The Olympic Games are scheduled to take place from July 26 to August 11 next year. Trailed by the Paralympics from August 28 to September 8.

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